Seven Security Measures To Take on the Boat for Children

7 Security Measures To Take on the Boat for Children

When we talk about boat holidays with children, the first thing that comes to mind is the security measures that have to be taken. In this article we will tell you about the seven security measures that we recommend during the Blue Voyage with your family.

Hand Rails

Hand rails are important due to them creating a barrier for kids, pets and for your supplies that can fall into the water. Hand rails are covered with a net to create a better grip. For this reason, it is better to pay attention if your boat has a net covering the hand rails.

Life Jacket

Another very important point to pay attention to is the life jacket. On the boat, there should be several life jackets catered for children. If the boat is shorter then 5 meters you need to make your children wear a life jacket at all times, and if the boat is longer than 5 meters, you will need to make them wear the jackets during cruising.

Berthing and Dispersion

As well as watching your children during the your boat vacation, you also need to pay extra attention to the berthing and dispersion times.

Precaution for Allergies and Rashes

Boat holidays mean you will spend a lot of your time out in nature. Considering children are more sensitve than adults to the many factors you will experience when out in nature, we recommend you take with you: fly repellent, cream and hat for protection against the sun and medication for insect bites. In addition to these, we suggest you also pack anti-nausea pills to counter your child succumbing to sea sickness.

Having the Right Shoes

As it is suggested you avoid going around with just your bare feet, or with shoes with a solid sole. It is better for child’s comfort to make them wear soft soled and nonslip slippers.

Pay Extra Attention while Cruising and When You are on the Deck

Children should not be left alone on the deck. While cruising, it is important to prevent children from running around the boat.

Make Sure You Have Plenty of Fresh Water

Because children spend a lot of time under the water and in the sea during the boat vacation, they lose a lot of water. Water and cold drinks need to be with you to compensate for this.

Additionally, fishing with them in the bays, snorkelling, watching the sunset, sleeping after counting the stars in the sky will entertain your children, and in turn will allow you to have memorable moments together.