Bodrum – South 12 Islands – Bodrum

Bodrum - South 12 Islands
Bodrum – South 12 Islands


You will move to the first stop Knidos in your Bodrum departed blue voyage.

Knidos – Inceburun – Kargı

After having a nice breakfast in the morning in Knidos, you can take a discovery walk in the shore to see the ruins. If you wish you may swim in the nice waters of the bay. In the noon you would weigh anchor to Inceburun. If you wish you can have a swimming break and have your lunch here. Afterwards you will move to Kargı Bay. You can swim in the amazing sea. You can discover around by taking small walks. Then you will move to Dirsekbükü.

Dirsebükü- Kızılada-  Bozburun

Dirsekbükü is a well protected bay for any weather condition. Its sea is clear and cool. You can swim in the cold water of this bay. Then you will move to Kizilada, which can only be reached by the sea. You can have a lunch and enjoy the sea here.  Then you will take off to Bozburun, the area where the Gulets are produced. Bozburun is a must see bay with its unique beauty. Then you will move to Rhodes.


Rhodes is the biggest island of Twelve Islands also named as Chavalier’s Island, has a characteristics of facing the sun for 300 days is a haunt point for tourists even in the winter. You can have a small discovery tour in Rhodes, which shines out with its interesting history, gathered different cultures together and you may visit the Rhodes Castle built by the Knights of Saint John and see the historical artifacts from Ottoman times. You can swim in the clear waters of Rhodes, stay over night and may enjoy the lively night life of Rhodes. Then you will move to Simi Island.


Simi is 24 sea miles away from Rhodes. If you wish you can have a 2,5 hour sea trip from Rhodes to Simi and have a daily trip. You can visit historical places like the historical clocktower, and Agios Ioannis Church after you may swim in the Pedi Beach. Then you will move to Nysitos Island.

Nysiros – Kos

Nysiros is still an active volcano. Next to this crater, Nikea Village is located.  his village has white streets and mosaic square. After anchoring here for a while, you move to Kos Island. Kos Island is the second biggest island within the Twelve Islands. It is also the birth place of Hipokrates. You can see artifacts from Ottoman, Byzantium and Venetian periods. You can see a 500 years old tree and a 200 years old fountain here. And swim in the 290 km long beaches. In Kos you can have joyous nights as it is famous with its nightlife. After, you will move to Karaada.

Karaada (Pıraz Harbor – Meteor Bay)

You will weigh anchor to one of the lasts stops of your blue voyage. You anchor to Poyraz Harbor for a swimming break. This bay with a unique turquoise blue water is located on the north of the island. Then you will move to Meteor Bay. There is a meteor crater in this bay, that is why it is called Meteor Bay. You can step to land and have a walk in the underwater caves which are very close to Meteor Bay. Afterwards you will move to Bodrum Harbor. You wander around Bodrum in your remaining time.