Gulet Cruise

Gulet Cruise Turkey

The homeland of the world-famous Gulets Turkey is the ideal location for the Gulet Cruise. Built with Turkish Riviera in mind, these boats prioritize leisure above all else and therefore, is perfect for summer holidays. They’re able to accommodate for groups as large as 40 people as a result of their spacious living spaces.

Take your friends and family and choose the Gulet Cruise Turkey option. Have an Aegean breakfast in the back of the boat in the morning, enjoy the view, sunbathe on the front deck, and party by night. Visit beautiful coves and islands not reachable by land. Go ashore and enjoy the golden beaches, turquoise waters, lush forests, and archeological sites.

As a result of having many extras such as Captain, Service Crew, Fuel, Final Clean-up, Transit Log included within the price, Gulet Cruises offer a much more unique experience than a 5-star resort. They also come cheaper, especially when chartered with larger groups.

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