Hourly Boat Rental Experience Istanbul from a different angle

Hourly Boat Rental: Experience Istanbul from a Different Angle

Tired of the daily grind, or crowded streets, endless traffic and the hustle and bustle of city life? Meet another, totally different side of beautiful Istanbul by choosing to rent a boat for a couple of hours, and sail around the Bosphorus. A true escape in your own city! This is the ultimate way to experience Istanbul from a completely different perspective. Below, find information on hourly boat rentals:

Minimal Rental Time: Two Hours

With a couple hours on the Bosphorus, you will really feel the energy and history of the city. Viewing all the old wooden seaside mansions, the refreshing green hills of the city, and the beauty of the Bosphorus before you, this trip will be a true delight. Considering departure and berthing in order to really enjoy your time, you should always rent the boat for at least 2 hours.

Events Onboard

With the hourly boat rental option, you can also organize a whole range of enjoyable events out on the water. Enjoy a weekend breakfast with your loved ones, a birthday party tour of the Bosphorus, or even a business meeting as you cruise along. In the summers, you will also be able to enjoy trips to the Princes’ Islands or swimming tours to bays just on the outskirts of the city.

Enjoy an All-Year-Round Season

You can enjoy hourly boat trips all year round! Due to colder weather in winter, many people consider boat trips on the Bosphorus to be a summer activity only. Nevertheless, with heaters on board and if you wrap up accordingly, these trips can be just as enjoyable in the winter. What’s more, Istanbul is exceptionally beautiful in the calmer and colder months too and this can be a unique experience to break up the monotony of winter. 

Why Not Rent Daily?

Bored of doing the same things in Istanbul over and over? Or are you a first-time visitor to this stunning city? Why not rent a boat for a few days at a time. This way you will really be able to take advantage of all this wonderfully diverse and historically and culturally significant city has to offer. Reach spots that are harder to get to on land, explore the Princes’ Islands, eat fish at restaurants on the seaside, and tour the Bosphorus at sunset.

Enjoy the Beauty of the Bosphorus with Loved Ones

Rather than a packed touristic tour along the Bosphorus, with the hourly boat rental option, you will be able to enjoy Istanbul’s stunning strait with the privacy of your guests and at affordable rates.

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