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Marmaris – Greek Islands – Marmaris

Marmaris - Greek Islands - Marmaris
Marmaris – Greek Islands – Marmaris

Serçe Harbor – Bozukkale
Your first stop of your ex-Marmaris blue voyage route is Serçe Harbor. Bozukkale where a Byzantian shipwreck that is known as “Glass Wreck” which is now exhibited at Bodrum Museum had been extracted. Bozukkale is located very close to Rhodes. In the bay there are remains from civilizations Loryma or Aplotheka. After enjoying deep blue and clear sea which had witnessed history, you move to Bozburun.

Bozburun – Dirsek Bükü – Bencik
Bozburun is a small and a narrow bay where local gulets are produced. You can have swimming breaks in the clear water and discover the area with small walks. Then you weigh anchor to Dirsek Bükü. You can have a swimming break in the clean clear water of  Dirsek Bükü which is a haunt for blue voyage boats. If you wish you may have your lunch in this magnificent bay. After Dirsek Bükü your next stop is Bencik. Bencik is the most narrow point of Datça Peninsula and has many bays on the east and west sides. Bencik is a very suitable bay to spend the night as its a protected bay. Then with the first light of the morning, you weigh anchor to Aktur.

Aktur – Datça
After having a swimming break with the unique nature of Aktur and enjoy the sea, sun and the view you weigh anchor to Datça which is famous with its fishes, honey and almonds. With its high oxygen, soft air and clear water, Datça is a haunt for blue voyage boats where you can swim in cool water and visit historical stone houses of Datça and the ancient city of Knidos. Datça is also suitable for windsurfing as it is located in a windy region. Then you take off to Simi.

Simi Island which is 24 sea miles far away from Rhodes, that embodies peace, entertainment, culture and history within. After traveling 2,5 hours from Rhodes, you may have a daily trip in Simi. You can visit the churches and historical places from various cultures around the island. After all, you can have a rest with a swimming break in the magnificent beaches of Simi Island. Then you move to Rhodes.

Rhodes, the biggest island of the Twelve Islands and which is also also named as Chevalier’s Island has a characteristics of facing the sun for 300 days as well as being a haunt for tourists even in the winter period. You may have a small exploring tour in Rhodes, which shines with its interesting history and which had brought different cultures together and you may visit the Rhodes Castle builded by Knights of Saint John as well as historical artifacts from Ottoman times. You can swim in the clear waters of Rhodes, stay overnight and enjoy the lively night life of Rhodes.

Cennet Adası
As you come to the end of your blue voyage, you enjoy the sea, the sun and nature once more you come to Cennet Island. Afterwards, you move to Marmaris to finalize your blue voyage.

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