Model of Boat Rental

Types of Yacht Charter by Duration

Yacht rental can be done in 2 different ways: daily yacht charter and hourly yacht rental.

Daily Yacht Charter

Daily rentals are for overnight accommodation where guests stay for a minimum of 1 night. By chartering a yacht daily, you can make an unforgettable holiday in Turkey, the Greek islands or Croatia’s Dalmatian coast. If you wish, you can charter a yacht for a few days and visit the pristine coves in the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea. Blue voyage yachts run by professional companies and, in high season, are rented usually weekly from Saturday to the next Saturday.

Hourly Yacht Rental

Boat trips without overnight stay and boat rentals for different organizations are usually done on an hourly basis. By renting a yacht for a couple of hours, you can get away from city life and organize many different events such as swimming tour, breakfast, party and business meeting. Hourly rentals are usually done for a minimum of 2 hours.