Things To Plan Before A Blue Voyage

Things To Plan Before A Blue Voyage

Especially popular in recent years, the blue cruise is an excellent form of a holiday to relieve the stress of an entire year. It is comforting to witness the magnificent appearances of nature and the bright blue sea. In this post, we will talk about the favourite yacht type of Aegean and Mediterranean shores.

What is the passenger capacity of Gulets?

The capacity of Gulets usually varies between 4 to 20 people. However, there are large Gulets that can accommodate up to 40 people.

What are the costs are included within the price?

  • Skipper
  • Fuel costs
  • Transit log
  • Crew
  • Port taxes
  • Beds/Linen/Towels
  • Final cleaning

What costs aren’t included within the price?

  • Grocery shopping
  • Water sports
  • Expenses of private marinas

How many people do the crew have in general?

Crew size varies depending on the size of the yacht. However, it mostly consists of three people.

Where will crew stay during the voyage?

The crew have their own cabin.

What if I want to go to the Greek Islands?

Not all Turkish Gulets have access to the Greek Islands. If you plan to travel to the Greek Islands with a Turkish yacht, it is advised to contact the skipper before the holiday.

Do the Greek Islands route costs extra?

Departure to the Greek Islands from Turkey requires extra fees. If the boat has the necessary permits, the costs vary between €700-1,000.

What about the crew’s meals?

Meals of the crew will be covered by customers’ grocery shopping.


  • The capacity of the yacht should not be exceeded.
  • Yachts have a commercial passenger capacity. A three-cabin yacht can accommodate up to six passengers. The biggest mistake during a yacht holiday is overcrowding the boat. If such circumstances are detected, the coast guard will charge the skipper with violation of the law.
  • You must be familiar with the use of air conditioning in advance.
  • The use of air conditioning on yachts varies depending on its specifications. It is possible to use 4-6 hours per day on some boats and 24 hours on others. The difference is related to the boat’s engine size and power generator. You should clarify air conditioning usage by contacting the boat owner before the boat holiday.
  • The details of the route should be discussed with the skipper before the holiday.
  • Before you charter a gulet, you must specify the route. All yachts have a specific departure and arrival location. Generally, however, yacht holidays start and end at the same port. If you have a different plan in your mind, you should first consult the skipper. Check out ViraviraRoutes for more.
  • You should consult the crew about grocery shopping before the holiday.
  • When chartering a gulet, it is the customer’s responsibility to do grocery shopping. Customers can do shopping on their way to the yacht. However, the skipper should be consulted about the refrigerator capacity and the requested menu from the cook.