Things You Need to Know Before You Go on a Yacht Vacation

We have listed some important topics you should know before the blue cruise holiday. We recommend that you read this article carefully, especially for those who will make a blue cruise for the first time. A short preparation before your holiday will make your blue cruise much more enjoyable and peaceful.

First, one of the golden rules would be to opt for a soft-soled shoe and slipper. It saves you from slipping on wet surfaces during your journey and prevents you from damaging the surface of the craft.

You have to get used to living with limited resources during long yacht vacations. It is necessary to use limited electricity and water sparingly. When leaving your cabin or public areas, you should turn off all lights and water taps.

Napkins and toilet paper are the main enemies of the waste pipes. We recommend that you get brief information on the status of the waste disposal system from the yacht owner during the check-in. You can also avoid possible problems by warning all guests not to throw napkins and toilet paper at the toilets.

During your blue cruise holiday, you will anchor in many coves and bays and swim in the sea. When you come out of the sea, you should get rid of the salt on your body in the shower on the deck of the boat; it will be beneficial for hygiene and keeping the craft clean. Speaking of water use, you should be careful about water usage on the yacht. During your yacht vacation, your basic resources such as freshwater are limited. Therefore, these resources should not be wasted by passengers.

Smoking is prohibited in cabins. However, if it not too windy, you can smoke on the deck.

Blue cruise holiday means swimming freely in the turquoise waters of virgin bays and experiencing all shades of blue. When you reach these magnificent bays, you should not jump from the yacht to the sea for your safety until the captain stops the boat engine and anchors. You must follow the safety warnings of the captain and warn those around you.

Things You Should Take with You for the Blue Cruise

For the blue cruise, you should have all the essential items you will need on any sea vacation. These items include sunscreen, swimsuit, towel, sunglasses, hat, snorkel and sea goggles. Most of your time will be spent on the yacht during the blue cruise, except for short breaks on land, so you won’t need many clothes, except casual t-shirts and shorts. In case the weather is cool in the evening, it is helpful to have a long-sleeved thin outfit with you.

You will have plenty of free time on the boat. Imagine your journey, think about how you would like to enjoy this leisure time, except for swimming and sunbathing. Reading, listening to music, fishing, playing various desktop games are just some of the activities you can do. Make sure you bring all the necessary items for your chosen activities. Those who say that they cannot stay away from the technology can take their laptops with them and benefit from the wifi service that is frequently found on yachts. Besides, having a map of the bays you will visit or a booklet describing that area will help you plan your vacation better. Don’t forget to bring your camera with you, considering that you will encounter breathtaking views.