Weekly Boat Rental

Weekly Boat Rental

Best Option for Blue Voyage Holiday

Different than daily boat rentals, weekly boat rentals include staying overnight, and usually preferred for holiday purposes. In order to spend your holiday in holiday villages or hotels, you may spend your holiday in the paradise bays of Mediterranean sea with blue voyage. In this way you will have a different holiday experience and have the chance to totally get away from the stress elements of the city life like the traffic, pollution and the crowd.

Also you can have a unique chance to get back to nature that you always complain to stay away from and instead of staying in just one place, you will have the chance to see different bays and holiday places every day. As the boat life is simple and modest, it will restore your soul, make you feel lighter and recharge your batteries.

In case you have the necessary licenses and experience, you can be the captain, and have a bareboat charter. If you want to travel with crowded groups, meet new people and enjoy, you may prefer filotilla option where boats sail as groups and make your holiday more colorful.

Enjoy Your Holiday to It’s Fullest

Blue voyage boats are generally rented for a week or more from one Saturday to another. All weekly rentals are for holiday purposes. With the weekly boat rental, you can start your holiday either from Bodrum, Marmaris, Göcek or Fethiye, and with the destination you choose, you can have a joyous blue voyage holiday. Via weekly yacht charters, you can enjoy the sun-sea and nature trio, and do many different activities. Fishing, diving, water sports, watching the sunset, taking underwater pictures, playing backgammon, being lazy against the view, seeing nature’s beauty on your way, sleeping on the deck while watching the stars and discovering new bays are just some of the activities that you can do with the weekly boat rental option.

Have an Amazing Blue Voyage Holiday

In blue voyage holidays, you spend most of your time in the boat from the moment that you step on the boat. With weekly boat rental you may have a both comfortable and a pleasant holiday. Motoryachts, which are generally rented with a captan and crew, are designed for all kinds of comfort. Only thing that you will need to do is to spend time with yourself and with your loved ones.

Rental Prices are Comparable to Hotel Vacations

Prices for weekly boat rentals are more or less the same with the hotel vacations. You can organize an unforgettable blue voyage organization, with a group of 6, for 30 Euros per day per person.

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