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Boat, Yacht, Sailboat, Gulet Charter and Blue Voyage in Göcek

Gocek is located on the southwest of Turkey and is connected to the Fethiye district of Mugla. Gocek was used to be a small and silent village till the beginning of 1980’s, after it had been discovered and became a beloved region by the foreign and domestic tourists especially by the yacht tourism. Gocek is a special environmental area and is one of the rarest places where the green and blue meet in harmony. Because of this reason, Gocek’s nature was not destroyed with multi storey buildings and all precautions have been taken to keep this place as a cute sea side town. Gocek is located in a very good protected and wide gulf which contains islands and bays and is a very important region for boat renting and attracts blue voyagers. By Gocek boat charters, you can discover this cute seaside town and wonder of nature’s bays.

Why do you need to prefer Gocek for Blue Voyage Holiday?

Gocek is one of the essential routes for the ones who prefer blue voyage holiday with Fethiye one side and Marmaris on the other, with a shiny turquoise sea and deep green forests and bays. This area is a haunt for the ones who want to be side by side with the nature and the ones who love the boat life. is has flooded with visitors in the recent years. Moreover, Gocek Marina is one of the most important marinas in the world, because as it has a well protected structure against the strong winds.

Gulf of Gocek provides many geographical advantages for blue voyages and because of this reason, it has become one of the few destinations across the world for yacht tourism. Gocek contains many bays and small islands because of its geographical location and has 4 high capacity and world class technical equipped marinas. Thousands of boats weigh anchor at these marinas every year.

Gocek and its around region also attracts attention with its historical richness. You can have an incomparable blue voyage experience on the routes of Marmaris Gocek or Fethiye Gocek. Gocek is one of the Lycian residential areas and called Diadala in the history. There are many historical remains at the present time. You can see these remains during your blue voyage. You could have the chance to swim in the remains of Cleopatra Hammam which is one of these remains.

Gocek Blue Voyage Routes

Gocek is preferred by many foreign and domestic tourists because of its indented structure and it contains small and big bays and islets. Gocek has many islands such as; Gocek Island, Tersane Island, Domuz Island, Yassıca Island, Zeytinada, Kızılada, Tavsan Island and Katrancı Island.

Twelve Islands tour is one of the most attractive tours of Gocek, it starts at morning times in Gocek Harbor and takes you to the best swimming and diving points all day long, and offers you the chance to see the islands lines up like a necklace at the mouth of the bay.

During the breaks in the islands, you can listen the inspiring sounds of the sea and the wind under the shadows of the trees in the silent corners. Bedri Rahmi Bay would be the most impressive bay that you will see during Gocek Blue Voyage where the poet Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu drew a fish picture on a rock. Lycian tombs which remain between the trees are also another point to be discovered. Yassıca Island with its shallow turquoise sea, Tersane Islands and bays with some middle century remains, Rabbit Island where you will come across by wild rabbits, Kızıada which can be seen from many point of the Gulf are also other places to see. Blue voyages which starts from Gocek, is a perfect way to relax, stay one to one with nature, and see the impressive view. Every bay will make you live different experiences and will be a source of inspiration.

Boat renting options in Gocek

Gocek is a very popular district to rent boats. This cute place which is a haunt for daily tours and blue voyage, is suitable for all boat types. You can have a comfortable holiday in a traditional wooden Turkish gulet with the option of Gocek gulet charter. With the option of Gocek motor yacht charter you can have a fast and a very comfortable blue voyage. Gocek sail boat, catamaran charter would provide you an energetic holiday.

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