Greece is the first address that comes to mind when mentioned boat renting

With its 14 thousand km long coastline and app. 6000 islands, both foreign and domestic tourists flood every year into Greece. By renting a boat in this country that is famous with its magnificent sea, history, cuisine, unique architecture and warm people, you can visit more places rather then sticking to one location. During your boat holiday you can have swimming breaks on the crystal clear sea of Greece and can encounter many beauties that are impossible to reach by land. You will be mesmerized by the green landscape and the clear waters in Greece, where the season starts at April and continues till mid-November.

Mythology, Ancient Greece and Rome: Greece will mesmerize you with its history

Greece’s history involves a period of 4000 years that bring reality and mythology together. This geography amazes people who have interest in history, with traces of Minoan, Roman, Arab, Crusader, Venice, Islav, Albanian and Turkish civilizations. You can see a temple in almost all towns that had been dedicated to Aphrodite, Venice castle, the dusty Byzantium Monastery decorated with brilliant frescos as well as museums with classic statues and archeological treasures. You can see many historical artifacts and archaeological remains from Ancient Greece and Roman time in this deep – rooted history during your blue voyage trip.

Greece is one of the best locations to rent a boat without a captain

One of the best options to travel in Aegean, Mediterranean and Ionian shores of Greece is to rent a boat without a captain. If you have the necessary sailing licenses and experience, you can follow your own route rather than with a captain and spend as much time as you want in the bays and in the holiday destinations you stop by. As Greece is surrounded with inland seas, the sea is very calm and there are lots of protected bays in Greece as well. These qualifications make Greece an ideal destination for amateur sailors.

You can visit more islands then you have planned with private yacht options

If you want to visit more islands and holiday destinations in Greece during your trip, you can prefer private yacht chartering. With motor yachts and speed boats, you can travel faster between Greek Islands that are scattered all around Mediterranean Sea. And as there will be a captain and a crew, you can spend more time with yourself and with your loved ones.

Greece Sailing Charter: Sail at Greece, the seafare capital of the world

You can have both leisure and sports at the virgin bays and islands with the sailboat charters around Greece. Sailboat charters would give you a vibrant and a dynamic vacation environment where you can have many sports activities within Greek waters. If you are into sailing but you do not know how to fit into a monoblock sailboat, you can also consider the catamaran charter options. Catamaran is ideal for comfy boat trips with its large living spaces.

Sail to Mediterranean’s pearls with Greek Islands Yacht Charter!

Greek Islands consist of seven different island groups. Most famous of them are Cyclades, Kreta and Ionia islands. Cyclades islands have 56 small and big islands within. It is located at the Aegean Sea and the most famous of all are, Mykonos, Naxos, Paros and Santorini. Kreta has four parts called, Hanya, Rethimno, Heraklion and Lasithi, from west to east. Zakynthos, Ithaca, Corfu, Kefalonia, Lefkada, Paxi and Kythira are located across South Peloponnese. These islands are the biggest islands of the Ionia sea and they create the well-known Eptanissa (Means 7 islands, as epta means seven in Greek.)

Wherever your route takes you, the history, natural beauty and the colorful nightlife will be a magical experience. The blue voyage that you will have on these routes, will provide you the chance to enjoy the crystal clear sea, the nature blended within green and brown, and the sun that warms your heart.