Boat Rental Types

A yacht charter is great for a sailing holiday, or for various other organizations such as tours and different events. On a boat, you may celebrate special days such as birthdays and anniversaries and even business meetings. On a sailing holiday, you can explore new regions and discover some of the most beautiful and isolated coves on the southern costs. Here are the main types of yacht charters you can organize:

Sailing Holiday

On a sailing holiday, you will be able to discover the dazzling coastlines of countries such as Turkey, Greece and Croatia. Sailing holidays can be organized with gulet, sailboat, motor yacht and catamaran type of boats. This type of holiday is usually organized weekly by checking in on Saturday and checking out on the next Saturday. By setting out on a sailing holiday on these coasts, you will experience a truly relaxing vacation, where you will be able to indulge in nature, escape the hustle of city life and wind down, and also enjoy many outdoors and water sports activities!

Hourly and Daily Boat Trips

Hourly boat trips are usually available on an hourly rental basis without staying overnight. Daily yacht rentals give you the opportunity of spending your day onboard your chartered yacht and get together with your loved ones in different organizations such as birthdays, dinners etc. Take a much-needed break from the daily grind and escape the chaos of big cities like Istanbul by setting out around the Bosphorus for a few hours. In addition, daily boat trips are possible down in the Mediterranean and Aegean seas where you will be able to discover hidden coves and bays for some light swimming.


A flotilla is when 6 to 8 boats sail together as a group, accompanied by one leader boat that takes charge. To head out with a flotilla it is imperative that you have some experience and knowledge on sailing beforehand.

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