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Coves Waiting to be Discovered on Blue Voyages

A sailing holiday is an ultimate vacation to escape city life, indulge in unspoiled and pristine nature and revel in the beauty and wonder of tranquil bays and islands that have been forgotten for centuries. Surrounded by water on three sides, Turkey is renowned for its dazzling turquoise coast. In this post, we will share with you a few enticing reasons to choose a yacht vacation in the country for your next holiday.

If you have never been on a sailing holiday, you are truly missing out! This kind of vacation is an unparalleled opportunity to enjoy the beauty and serenity of tranquil coves far from civilization and city life. Revel in the lush greenery and rugged nature of virgin coasts, enjoy pristine waters and real quality time together with your friends and family.

Chartering a yacht allows a step back from the daily grind. Enjoy stunning endless horizons, breathtaking sunsets, the peaceful rhythms of the lapping waves, virgin coasts, peaceful bays and unmatched views of the milky way and twinkling stars. Moving from bay to bay, enjoying undisturbed nature and the dazzling hues of blue and green will give you real peace of mind and refresh your subconscious.

Most of these pristine coves described are only accessible by boat, making sailing holidays truly a one-of-a-kind experience. In addition to this incredible serenity, you will also have the chance to visit wondrous secluded archeological ruins of magical civilizations past. What’s more, it’s the enchantingly crystal clear waters that draw crowds to the coasts of Turkey every summer. Swimming in these waters is like swimming in an aquarium, and moreover, you will have the chance to discover an abundance of marine life and perhaps even underwater ruins and sunken ships.

A yacht vacation will also be an opportunity to learn about the joy of seafaring. Not only will you gain some insight into sailing and time on the open water, have no doubt that the experience might be far more luxurious, resting and relaxing than a holiday at a luxurious resort.

Wrapping up, a sailing holiday is an excellent choice to discover and explore pristine coves and truly refresh and relax.

We gathered some of the most beautiful pristine coves for you to add to your sailing route:

Aquarium Bay

Aquarium Bay, which is named for its crystal clear waters, is one of the frequently visited stops of blue cruise boats. This small cove, which is hidden among the mountains in Datca, is a great spot for scuba diving. Aquarium Bay continues to fascinate the visitors with its stunning nature and clear turquoise waters.

Gokgemile Bay

Kapidag peninsula, located on the border of the Dalaman district of Mugla province, inholds many magnificent bays. One of these bays is Gokgemile Bay. Gokgemile Bay can only be visited by blue cruise boats. We recommend you add this wonderful bay to your sailing route if you are seeking for peace of mind and calmness during your yacht vacation.

Kizilkum Bay

Kizilkum Bay is located within the borders of Adakoy in Marmaris and is a paradise on earth! The bay can only be reached by sea as it doesn’t have a connection to the land. Having unspoiled natural beauties, Kizilkum Bay is frequently visited by blue cruise boats.


Kalekoy is located in the village of Ucagiz in Antalya. This bay attracts local and foreign tourists with its historical remains and fascinating nature. The Ancient City of Simena is a must-see in Kalekoy. If you are seeking for a peaceful holiday, we recommend you to add Kalekoy to your sailing route and enjoy swimming in its dazzlingly clear waters.

Dislice Island

Dislice Island is one of the small islands hidden among the bays of Marmaris. Since it is not known by many people, the island is much more serene compared to the other islands in the region. If you wish, you can visit this beautiful island during your yacht vacation.

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