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Dinner Onboard

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Gathering with friends and family around a good meal is one of the best social activities. It is the best way to catch up, enjoy a good conversation and delight in new tastes. Dining at home and at restaurants is great, but why not mix it up and enjoy a really special evening by chartering a yacht and dining out on the water? They say everything tastes better in the fresh sea air!

Set Your Own Menu

If you are fussy about food or find it difficult to choose from restaurant menus, dinner on a boat is the perfect organization for you! Select your favorite dishes and design your dream menu. According to your preferences, you can arrange a several course menu with red meat or fish, appetizers, dessert and drinks. Enjoy your favorite tastes to beautiful views of the Bosphorus, to stunning sunsets, or under the moon and stars. 

Create Your Own Concept

Organize the perfect dinner according to a concept, theme or specific group of people. For romantic dinners with a partner, you might choose candles and soft music or even live violin. For groups of friends, appetizers, cocktails and a live band could set the tone.

A Wonderful Environment for Marriage Proposals

If you have been thinking about proposing to your partner, but haven’t yet found the perfect place, look no further! There is no question that proposing to that someone special on a yacht will make the whole experience unforgettable. Following a romantic dinner to a backdrop of beautiful Bosphorus views, the answer to your question will most definitely be yes!

Far from the Crowd

Dinners in cosmopolitan city centers mean almost always waiting to find good reservations and it is often guaranteed that the best spots will always be crowded. Choose to organize a dinner on a boat for seclusion, privacy, serenity and a wonderful dinner with your loved ones.

Enjoy the Entertainment

The options for entertainment are endless! As if the views of the city lights, the coast of Istanbul and the beautiful Bosphorus were not enough. You can enjoy tunes from a DJ or live band that can be booked in advance.

Spoil Yourself

Every now and then, we all deserve a special event to reward ourselves for the hectic pace of city life, for long work hours and daily stress and hassle. An unforgettable event with friends and family can do everyone a whole lot of good. With a meal on a boat, enjoy valuable quality time with friends, tranquil time outdoors in nature and a welcome escape from the mundanities of the daily grind.

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