Issues to pay attention to on the Boat

Issues to pay attention to on the Boat

If you follow the rules below and what crew suggests you, you will have a safe, peaceful and pleasant holiday. Before starting the holiday, route plan should be set. Setting the route before starting the blue voyage is very important as you need to know how many days you will spend, where you will stop to get food and fuel and when to go on the land.

In addition, in order to avoid the night sail and to reach the places on time, planning is very important.

You need to take very less stuff with you when you go on a boat

As the cabinets in the chambers are small, it is better for you to bring fewer stuff with you. A beach towel, mayo, shorts, t-shirt and one long sleeved shirt in case the weather gets colder at night, is more then enough to have a comfortable holiday. In addition, as the space is lesser on the boat, it is better to take a foldable bag than a suitcase.

Attention to shoe preferences

To go around with high heels or with bare foot on the boat can lead to accidents like slipping or tripping. Also, shoes with thick soles damage the surfaces of the boat. Because of this, a soft soled comfortable slipper is an ideal preference. Addition to this, you need to take sneakers as well for walking on land.

If you will travel with a sailboat, take a pair of gloves with you

When the boat is moving, wind exerts a huge force on sails and this leads ropes which are connected to the sails to be strained. As gloves will make the ropes to be controlled easier, it is suggested to have a pair of gloves with you.

You need to be cautious about the sun

Blue voyage is a holiday type where a person is the closest with nature and the sun. Even the sunlight is very beneficial for humans, it can lead to serious harms when you are exposed to it for a long time. Because of this, you should not forget protection stuff like hats, sun glasses and sun cream.

Water should be consumed carefully and the devices that waste a lot of energy should barely be used

People learn to save during blue voyage. Water amount is limited in the boat. For this reason, you should not open the taps for nothing, and you should not shower after swimming every time. Addition to this, as electricity is also limited, devices which absorb energy like phones, computers or televisions should be used in minimum amounts. When you are not in your chamber, you need to turn off your electronic devices to avoid the battery from finishing.

A small medicine closet needs to be kept

Accidents that we face in our daily lives can also be faced during the blue voyage holiday. First aid stuff like adhesive plasters, gauze bandages and painkillers in the medicine closet needs to be kept on the boat as it is far away from the land. Addition to these, some people can have nauseation when they spend a lot of time on the boat. When you breath deeply and look at the horizon line, your nausea would get better. But for a definite solution, it is suggested to talk to your doctor and get a nausea medicine. Also if you have regular pills that you take every day, do not forget to bring them with you.

Usage of tobacco products are not suggested in the boat

Usage of tobacco products in the chambers is strictly forbidden. Even it is free in the deck, it is not suggested, as tobacco products can lead to accidents in windy weathers.

Besides of the titles above, attention also needs to be paid for the topics below :

  • Toilet papers and foreign objects should not be thrown into the toilet.
  • When the boat is moving, there must be no jumping to the sea. Especially working propellers can lead to serious injuries.
  • Attention needs to be paid for the lids called hatches on the deck, in case they are open.
  • You can hand over your valuable belongings to the captain for safety reasons before the trip.
  • To make sure that you did not forget something, it is important to check your stuff at the boat for one last time.
  • For your health and safety you should not touch the ropes, portholes, equipment cables, ground doors, propellers and screws.
  • You should not keep the doors closed as for the fire risks and during cleaning operations.