The name originating from Turkey’s Seas Turquoise

The Name Deriving from Turkey’s Seas: Turquoise

Turquoise or turquois… The Turkish blue is a distinctive light blue with a hint of green and is the color that represents the hospitality of a proud people. It also represents the symbol of the highest level of change. Because the turquoise color provides stability and helps people concentrate, in turn this allows people to express themselves easily. This splendid color also assimilates itself with people who can take lessons from the past, and provide an avenue to look at events from a different perspective.

Well then, where does Turquoise, the favorite color of many, come from?

The word Turquoise is derived from how “Turkish” is pronounced in French and inspired from the color of the Mediterranean sea. As a country that is surrounded by shores on three sides, Turkey’s seas boast waters that range from azure blue to forest green. Turkish Blue is the exact recompense of this color, which was called “Turquoise” by Franks, during the time of the Ottomans.