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Things to Know Before Setting Out on a Gulet Cruise

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Having gained popularity quickly in recent years, sailing holiday is the ideal way to enjoy the nature and seas of a new region, and to escape the stress and chaos of city life and truly wind back. Explore new territories, revel in natural, archeological and cultural wonders, and enjoy leisurely days in the sun with family or friends. Below, we will discuss some of our favorite types of yachts you can charter for a sailing holiday along the Aegean and Mediterranean shores.

What is the passenger capacity of gulets?

The capacity of a gulet usually varies between 4 to 20 people. However, there are also options for gulet charters that can accommodate up to 40 people.

What are the costs included within the overall price?

  • Skipper
  • Fuel costs
  • Transit log
  • Crew
  • Port taxes
  • Beds/Linen/Towels
  • Final cleaning

What costs are not generally included in the overall price?

  • Provisions
  • Water sports
  • The costs of docking in private marinas

How many people make up the crew?

The crew size will vary depending completely on the size of the yacht you have selected. Generally, a crew will be made up of a minimum of 3 people.

Where will the crew stay during the vacation?

On a crewed yacht charter, the various members of the crew that will look after you on your vacation will have their own cabins onboard the yacht.

Can I travel to the Greek Islands on a sailing holiday?

Not all Turkish gulets will have access to the Greek Islands. You should keep in mind that if you are hoping to sail between the Turkish coast and the Greek Islands as well, you will need to contact the skipper prior to setting out on your holiday.

Does it cost extra to add the Greek Islands to your route?

Departure to the Greek Islands from Turkey requires extra fees. If the boat has the necessary permits, the costs vary between € 800-1,000.

What about the crew’s meals?

The meals of the crew members will also be included in the provisions acquired for the guests.

Other things to take into account:

  • Yachts have a commercial passenger capacity that should never be exceeded.  A yacht with 3 cabins can accommodate up to 6 guests. The biggest mistake made during a yacht vacation is overcrowding the boat. If such circumstances are detected by the coastguard the skipper could be fined.
  • Guests would be aware of the conditions for the use of air conditioning in advance. The allowed use of air conditioning on yachts will vary depending on the vessel’s specifications. It can be possible to use from 4-6 hours per day on some boats and 24 hours on others. The difference is usually related to the boat’s engine size and power generator. You should clarify air conditioning usage by contacting the boat owner before embarking on your boat.
  • The details of the route should always be discussed with the skipper prior to setting out on your holiday. All yachts will have their own specific departure and arrival locations. Generally, sailing holidays will start and end at the same port. However, if you have a different plan in mind, simply contact the skipper beforehand to check if it is possible. You can check out our Routes page for more information.
  • You should consult the crew about provisions shopping before the holiday. When chartering a gulet, it is the guests’ responsibility to do the grocery shopping. Guests can do shopping on their way to the yacht or in some cases contact and request that the crew does this for them. It could be necessary to consult the crew about refrigerator capacity and menus beforehand.

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