Top 10 Croatian Islands for Blue Cruise

Top 10 Croatian Islands for Blue Cruise



If you’re looking for a calm sea, lavender-smelling streets, stone houses, the lovely Mediterranean climate and an amazing nightlife, you’re at the right place. Anchor your yacht to Sveti Klement, taste the local seafood pasta and sip your wine at the edge of the castle. Don’t leave without visiting Stari Grad, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The coves of Milna, Sućuraj, Zaraće are ideal if you want to see shades of blue you’ve never seen before.


It would not be fair to make this list without mentioning the sunniest place within the Adriatic Sea. Home to Church of St. Anthony, Rab has a history going back to the 10th century with its unique narrow stone streets, and the endless beaches. The island has a unique beauty that inspired artists. Rajska, one of the most popular beaches on the island, is suitable for those who like to take long walks on the beach.


Vis is one of the overlooked islands of South Dalmatia. The best way to explore this island is to charter a yacht. Visit the hidden coves that are hard to access, the old harbour or even the famous Bisevo Island.


Although it is the second most populous island among the Croatian islands in the Adriatic Sea, Korčula is known for being quiet and peaceful. Historical sites of ancient Greeks and Venetians still remain to this day. According to a rumour, it was the birthplace of Marco Polo. If you want to see through the eyes of the locals, fishing villages, Vrnik beach and Pupnatska Luka cove will be perfect for you. The most impressive side of the island is its vineyards. You should taste the famous Grk wine on the Lumbarda beach.


Brač island is known to be quieter than Hvar and Korčula islands although it is windier. As a result, Brač is suitable for windsurfing and paragliding. One of the most popular beaches of Croatia, Zlatni Rat, is located here. There is something for everyone on this lovely beach. Clear waters and the vivid marine life of Brač will mesmerize you.


Mljet Island is located in the southernmost part of Croatia and has three ports, Polače, Pomena and Sobra. The national park covers a large part of the island. The island is ideal for kayaking and cycling. The natural beauty of the island does not end there, the Odysseus cave described in the legends is the stopover point for the blue cruisers. It is said that the goddess Calypso kept Odysseus in this cave for seven years. We’re not sure about 7 years, but we recommend you to spend at least 7 hours on this beautiful island.


This island is awarded the Blue Flag because of its clean shoreline. You can also surf or dive training for beginners in the diving training centre found on the island. Ancient monuments and monuments from the Venetians still exist. We advise you to see visit Orlec beach to better appreciate this beautiful island.


Pag Island is popular for its traditional delicious cheese and crazy beach parties. You can enjoy your wine with the salty Paški Sir cheese produced from the milk of the sheep unique to the island on the deck of the yacht you rent. One side of the island is rugged and rocky, and the other side is Novalja, famous for beach parties of young tourists. If you are looking for parties, dance, and entertainment you should add Zrce Beach to your route.

Dugi Otok

Dugi Otok is known for its nature park and historical sites. The island is home to hundreds of bird species. Sakarun Beach in the north and the Telascica Natural Park in the south are the most important spots of the island. There is also a lake within the national park.


Silba is located in the north of the Adriatic Sea. Potorišće and Pernastica are the most popular ones. Toreta Tower is one of the motifs of the island. When you get to the tower, you can watch the island and the breathtaking scenery around it.