12 Good Reason to Plan a Boat Holiday For This Summer
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10 Reasons to Plan a Yacht Vacation

As the cold weather fades and the days get longer and warmer, dreams of idyllic summer escapes come closer to reality! Rather than a classic beach holiday why not treat yourself to a real coastal escape and true immersion in nature with a sailing holiday this summer? Yacht vacations are becoming more and more popular, and with more outlets to rent and organize yacht charters, prices have become more accessible. Yacht charters are now available to more people than ever with all kinds of yacht sizes and standards available according to your preferences and budget. Here are 10 reasons to go ahead and book a sailing holiday this summer!

Enjoy countless coves and bays

Why restrict yourself to one resort, one beach, or one location at all? On a yacht charter, you will be able to explore an entire region and discover new cultures and terrains. You can stop for excursions in quaint and charming little towns across the Southern coasts of your location of choice. At each stop, you might find new ancient ruins from civilizations past to visit. You can truly immerse yourself in nature and enjoy serene and secluded islands, islets and bays. You can swim somewhere new every single day, enjoying some of the most beautiful and dazzling turquoise waters in hidden bays and coves.

Immerse yourself in the splendor of nature

The modern world is cause for a serious disconnect from nature. Sailing holidays have hence become truly enticing due to the proximity to unspoiled, untouched, pristine nature. Out on the open water, you will be exposed to the elements for the entirety of your trip. Away from the city, away from high-rise resorts, busy roads and swarming crowds of tourists, you will truly be at one with nature. No need to rush to secure a beach chair in the morning, no need to worry about dinner reservations, and none of the worries concerning planning out every day of your holiday. On a yacht vacation, you will enjoy the simplicity and serenity of just enjoying your surroundings. Early morning dips, walks through coastal forests, delicious seafood and tranquil evenings under the stars.

An opportunity to clear your mind

One of the most beautiful aspects of staying in touch with nature is the feeling that we are human beings. Leaving our everyday lives where we live like an established robot and leaving ourselves in the arms of nature is the best way to discover ourselves. You can spend the whole day fishing, reading books, or simply lazing. Without thinking about yesterday and tomorrow, you just live that moment and you meditate and live in the moment.

Reconnect with family and friends

A yacht vacation also provides the perfect opportunity and optimum isolation to truly reconnect and cherish time with family and friends. Away from other distractions you will have idyllic days onboard your chartered yacht, spend quality time with your loved ones and really focus on one another.

Stay active and fit

As well as plenty of time to lay back and relax, a sailing holiday will also provide plenty of opportunity for fun-filled action. With daily excursions onshore, you can head out for refreshing and revitalizing walks through the pine and olive groves of the Mediterranean. The turquoise and cerulean waters of the bays you will visit will be so enticing that you will hardly notice how much exercise you are getting while swimming leisurely. What’s more, you can engage in a whole range of water sports activities ideal for the whole family such as canoeing, water skiing, paddle boarding and jet skiing.

Replenish your vitamin D stocks

On a yacht holiday, you will be out under the blazing sun almost every hour of every daytime. This of course means that you should always ensure you have proper protection with you, like SPF sunscreen and hats. On the other hand, this means that you will be stocking up on much-needed vitamin D, a crucial vitamin you may have been deprived of on long office days and city life. You are almost guaranteed to get fantastic sun, even soaking up the sun’s rays when sitting in the shade!

Enjoy fresh Southern ingredients

Onboard your chartered yacht, you will be eating meals made from the freshest possible ingredients and enjoying the most delicious seafood accompanied by the best quality of beverages. While on any other holiday you may not be able to control the quality of food and menu choice, on a yacht vacation, you can be in touch with the captain and crew beforehand to arrange your menu list and provisions.

Enjoy each and every moment

Away from the distractions and stresses of the daily grind, out on the open water and among totally unspoiled nature, your mind and body will reset. Your body clock is likely to synchronize with nature and you will rise for stunning sunrises and enjoy early morning swims in the calm and crystal waters. The long days will stretch ahead of you with tons of uninterrupted time to just lay back, relax and really enjoy yourself.

Make the most of the day

You will be stunned by the beauty of the sunrise and sunset each and every day of your sailing holiday. You will open your eyes to the sun rising over the sea, and sip your evening tea with delicious snacks and enjoy watching the sunset with your loved ones. A yacht vacation offers you a great opportunity to immerse yourself in nature, strengthen your bonds with your family and friends, and make the most of the day by discovering new places and experiencing watersports activities.

No unexpected expenses

Contrary to what one might think, a yacht vacation can actually end up being far more economical than other types of holidays. This is due to the fact that all possible costs and extra expenditure will all be planned, agreed upon and budgeted for at the very beginning of the trip. It is hence highly unlikely that you will run into any unforeseen expenses. You will know and plan accordingly for exactly how much you will be spending on renting the boat, the fuel for it run, the captain and crew, food and beverages, excursions and other activities.

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