4 great blue flag beaches

4 Blue Flag Beaches to be Seen in Turkey

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As is commonly known, the Blue Flag is an award granted to certain beaches and marinas that meet a specific criteria outlined by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), which operates in 44 countries. Turkey boasts an extraordinary number of blue flag awards, with 457 beaches that meet the criteria.  

Surrounded by sea on three sides and with stunning coastlines known as the Turkish Riviera or Turquoise coast, Turkey ranks 3rd among countries with the most blue flags in the world. Make the most of your sailing vacation by visiting these pristine and awe-inspiring beaches, each of which stun visitors with their sparkling blue waters and verdant nature. Below we have listed some of the most visited 4 blue flag beaches in the country. Make sure to add them to your route!

Aquarium Bay, Karaburun

Aquarium Bay is located in the Iskele neighborhood of İncirlikoy and is a public beach that attracts tons of visitors every year. Although the length of the sandy beach here is only 30 meters, the lush green grounds behind the beach are also open for guests to explore. As is evident from the name, in the crystal clear aquarium-like waters of this bay you will be able to swim among colorful fish as you dive up to 10-15 meters.

Kaputas Beach

This stunning spot is a canyon-mouth beach located between two mountains in the middle of the Antalya Kas and Kalkan regions. Due to both the geographical position and the underground spring waters which flow into the sea, the waters here have a uniquely vibrant and luminescent shade of turquoise. The beach is accessible both by the land and sea and visitors approaching by land can reach the beach by parking their vehicles on the side of the cliff, and descending 187 stairs that lead them to the shore. Yacht vacationers who approach from the open water can also enjoy this true wonder of nature. Kaputas Beach is among one of the most heavenly beauties of our country and should definitely be included in your sailing route.

Butterfly Valley

At Mugla’s Fethiye county, located in between two soaking 350 meter high cliffs, this lush and verdant valley is almost completely isolated from the surrounding nature, preserving a unique and interesting ecosystem that is home to over 80 butterfly species. This valley is among some of the only regions in the world that are home to the Jersey Tiger Butterfly species and has been declared as one of the 100 Mountains to be protected by the World Heritage Trust. The valley was declared as a first-degree SIT area in 1995. Among the blue-flagged beaches of Turkey, the pristine and stunning beach of Butterfly Valley is one of the most preferred areas by yacht vacationers during the summer months. Don’t miss this gorgeous spot!

Patara Beach

Located in Antalya’s Kas region, Patara Beach takes its name from the nearby Ancient City of Patara and is one of the most stunning and unique beaches in the world, stretching on for 12 km. Patara is a particularly suitable region for windsurfing with its clean and windy sea. Caretta Caretta sea turtles also come to lay their eggs in the region during their breeding season of the year. For this reason, you may often encounter Caretta Caretta eggs when walking around and you should always be cautious about where you explore and sit.

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