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4 Coves to Add to Your Sailing Route

With stunning coves and bays at every corner, untouched nature and pristine seas, the coasts of the Turkish Mediterranean and Aegean have often nicknamed the Turkish Riviera or Turquoise Coast. This region is the birthplace of the famous sailing holiday and is home to remarkable natural, archeological and cultural wonders. Below, find a list of our favorite coves to add to your sailing route:

Adrasan Cove

Adrasan Cove, located in the Kemer district of Antalya, attracts troves every summer due to its remarkable 2-kilometer long beach. The surrounding mountains are thickly forested with pine trees and here you can really indulge in nature by embarking on a long hike through the trees. Alternately, enjoy the dazzlingly clear turquoise water by swimming, or observe the underwater life by taking diving courses. In the nearby village of Adrasan, you will be able to find organic fruits and vegetables and other small shops. This popular spot is home to many different lodgings and hotels and is always busy in the high season.

Akbuk Cove

Located in the Gulf of Gokova, at Akbuk Cove you will find totally unobstructed views of the underwater world. Frequented often by blue cruise yachts due to its fantastic and sparkling turquoise water, Akbuk Cove feels like a journey into the past, with untouched nature and ancient ruins.

Gemile Cove

Covered entirely with olive and pine trees, Gemile Cove is a popular destination on sailing routes. Located in Fethiye, this much-loved spot has a variety of facilities onshore that cater to the needs of visitors. There also happens to be a stunning ancient Byzantine Church in the cove that can be visited. If you are looking for a beautiful and tranquil spot to lay down, relax and read your book to a backdrop of breathtaking views, be sure to add this cove to your route.

English Harbour

According to the legend, during World War I, a British warship fleeing from German and Russian ships sought shelter in this very cove. It was following this famous hideaway that the cove began to be known to locals as the English Harbour. Widely known for its crystal clear turquoise waters and lush nature, the English Harbor is a beautiful place to stop for a leisurely swim.

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