4 Reasons to Rent a Motor Yacht
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4 Reasons to Charter a Motoryacht for Your Vacation

While gulet, sailboat and catamaran type of boats are usually chartered for at least a week, with the motor yacht charter option you can also opt for a shorter holiday. With the advantage of being onboard a speedboat, you will get to your destinations faster and have the luxury of covering more distance in a shorter time. Enjoy both luxury, speed and excitement at once!

Below, find some of the advantages of renting a motor yacht:


If you enjoy speed and adventure and prefer to get to your destinations quickly rather than enjoy a slower pace, then a motor yacht charter is just for you. The fastest type of boat around, a motor yacht will guarantee an adrenaline-filled holiday. Rather than lying back and enjoying the stillness and tranquility of the coves, the leisurely pace of sailing and languid days on the water with a motor yacht, you will be in for tons of fun and excitement.


The interiors of motor yachts are designed to provide a level of ultra-modern and luxury comfort. Designed thoughtfully with every detail in mind, they offer a level of luxury similar to that of a hotel. The living spaces onboard a motor yacht will include every feature imaginable, and there will be no sacrifices involved with being out on the open water. If you prefer to prioritize your comfort and luxury, then a motor yacht is the correct option for you.

Flexible Dates

Unlike classical one-week charter, where check-ins and check-outs are on Saturday, motor yachts can be rented on an hourly and daily basis. Keep in mind that with the speed of a motor yacht you will be able to visit most of the destinations that might be included in a one-week route with a sailboat or another kind of yacht. What’s more, motor yachts are available to rent for special events out on the water!

Experienced Crew

While most sailboats and catamarans are also available as a bareboat charter, with a motor yacht it will be mandatory to charter the boat along with the captain and crew. Motor yachts include at least a two-person team to fulfill your needs and this will ensure a pleasant and seamless holiday as the professional crew will take care of food preparation, cleaning, and daily operations.

If you are short on time and prefer speed and comfort, then a motor yacht will be the ideal choice for your sailing holiday! You can browse our extensive selection of motor yachts available for rent through viravira.co and book your holiday in a few simple steps or contact us at +90 850 433 90 70.