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4 Reasons to Plan a Yacht Vacation in September

While the classic sailing holidays are usually planned for spring and summer and the high season months, the more experienced seafarer will know that the best time in actual fact, to set out on a yacht vacation in Turkey, is without a doubt the month of September!

By this time, the overcrowded tourist season is slowly ending and those who know to enjoy the best of the coasts are setting out. By choosing to sail in this month, you will enjoy more peaceful coves and better prices.

Why choose September? Read below!

  • Favorable weather conditions
    By September, the overwhelming summer heat has been replaced with wonderfully warm, cooler temperatures. Despite the arrival of autumn, the sea has been heating up all summer and is in this month at its most ideal temperature. The wind conditions at this time are also perfect if you prefer to charter a sailboat for your sailing holiday.
  • Calm and uncrowded coves
    With the high season nearing its end, the number of tourists visiting the charming coves of the turquoise coast will be dramatically lower. Yacht vacationers in September will hence enjoy far more peace and quiet coves. You will truly be able to indulge in the beauty and tranquility of nature.
  • The best prices
    As only the most experienced or local travelers will be choosing September, and the high season will have ended, the charter prices this month will be far lower. You will be able to charter sailboats, gulets, motor yachts and catamarans in September with deep discounts.
  • Local festivals
    Local communities in these regions often bid farewell to the summer season with a variety of local festivals. During the September sailing holidays, you will be able to take part in these festivities and really immerse yourself in the local culture. Contribute to the local economies by shopping for local crafts, artisanal goods and fresh produce!

During yacht vacations, you will be able to visit truly beautiful spots that are unreachable by land. With the crowds gone by September, you will be able to enjoy the coves, beaches and towns in peace and explore comfortably!

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