5 Coves You Should Visit in Bodrum
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5 Coves You Should Visit in Bodrum

The supposed birthplace of the beloved sailing holiday, Bodrum is a spot that is at once laid back and glamorous, exciting and tranquil, presenting a harmony of blue and green with its pristine nature and dazzling waters. Below, we will present 5 of the best and most beautiful coves that you can discover on a visit with a yacht charter to Bodrum.

Aspat Cove

Perhaps one of the lesser-known, and hence less crowded and delightfully peaceful spots, Aspat cove is a wonderful mix of blue and green. With its swaying palm trees and stunning turquoise waters, this is truly a place to plant yourself in for the day, and kick back and relax. The history of this spot goes back to ancient times, and it’s even mentioned in the lyrics of a popular folk song called “Çökertme Türküsü”!

Bagla Cove

One of the most frequently visited spots of Mugla’s Bodrum region is without a doubt Bagla Cove. With its pristinely clean sea and laid-back vibe, this cove mesmerizes its visitors.  A classic Bodrum sailing route will always include this cove, and we highly recommend you pay it a visit. Here, the sea is so clear that when you peer from the deck you can see the reefs way at the bottom.  This is hence a remarkable spot for snorkeling, and blue cruises will often stop here so that snorkeling enthusiasts can enjoy underwater marine life.


Located just 4 miles away from Bodrum’s center, one of the most important qualities of Karaada are the mud and the hot springs found within its caves. Both are said to be wonderfully beneficial to the skin, especially for those with any skin conditions or allergies. Those who visit the island by boat stop here for a bit of pampering, and indulge in a real natural mud bath! It is said that even Cleopatra herself would come here for the famous mud bath in this cave. The island is known for more; however, than just its mud, and boasts many beautiful beaches ideal for relaxing and swimming. For those who started their yacht vacation in Bodrum, we suggest adding this to your route.

Adabogazi (Aquarium Cove)

Adabogazi, also known as Aquarium Cove, is so-called for its dazzlingly crystal clear waters, providing a perfect vision of the seabed. Swimming here is truly like swimming in a pristine aquarium! A must-see for yacht vacationers, this spot is situated right between Gumbet and Bitez. While the cove was only accessible by sea up until recently, with the addition of a newly constructed road in 2015, visitors can now also access the spot by land. For a day of glorious swimming in some of the most beautiful waters, you will ever see, we highly recommend you add this to your route.

Orak Island

Orak Island, with its distinct slopes covered with olive trees, owes its name to the sickle-shaped formation of its landscape. Just 2 hours away from Bodrum, this island is known for its clear water and rich underwater marine life which makes it attractive for yacht vacationers especially for scuba diving and snorkeling enthusiasts. If you have set sail from Bodrum, it is recommended to spend one night on this island where you can enjoy the tranquil setting and the moonlight.

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