5 Reasons to Charter a Sailboat This Summer
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5 Reasons to Charter a Sailboat This Summer

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Why not consider chartering a sailboat this summer? Enjoy tranquil bays, pristine nature and dazzlingly clear turquoise bays. Choose a different kind of holiday this summer, instead of a resort, why not opt for a sailing holiday? Read below to learn about the advantages and activities offered on a yacht vacation.

There will be plenty of sports and activities on a sailing holiday.

Sailing holidays are the ideal choice for those hoping for both downtime and plenty of sports and action! As well as relaxing on deck, there are plenty of watersports, snorkeling, diving, fishing and sailing activities to participate in during a sailing holiday. For those who prefer a truer sailing experience, rent a sailboat where you can feel the wind in the sails, set the route yourself and head out on an exciting journey.

You will have a more affordable yacht vacation alternative than other boat rental options.

One of the advantages of the classic sailing holiday is making use of the power and the forces of nature! With traditional gulets and sailboats, you will be able to feel the wind behind you, pushing the yacht forward in perfect harmony and silence without the hum of the engine and fuel. What’s more, sailing as such will reduce the budget of your yacht vacation. Unless you specifically request a yacht with skipper, crew and service personnel, you will be taking care of tasks like cooking and cleaning yourself. This will also make your sailing holiday more affordable.

Be the skipper if you have a license to sail!

If you don’t personally have the experience and a license to sail, skippered yacht charter is a must. The daily fee of a skipper range from 100 to 150 euros. On the other hand, if you have the experience and have taken the necessary courses and obtained a license to sail your own boat, you can save on these fees with the bareboat yacht charter option. This way, you can be the captain of your own journey!

You are in control of your sailboat.

Imagine a holiday experience where you can plan your days at your own pleasure and be completely alone in pure nature. Who wouldn’t dream of getting away from the stress and chaos of city life and spending an unforgettable holiday with their loved ones accompanied by magnificent views? You can plan your dream vacation by renting a sailboat this summer.

You will have a holiday full of adventure.

Drastically different from your usual holiday at a resort or hotel, on a sailing holiday you will be spending much of your time at sea. On a sailboat, you will enjoy an abundance of fresh air, sea, sun and wind. You will revel in unmatched turquoise waters, stunning views and pristine beaches. What’s more, you will discover endless new locations, historical sites and magical archaeological ruins.

The Fethiye and Gocek regions of Mugla are the most popular for sailboat charters. If you are interested in renting a sailboat on the Turkish coasts this summer, visit www.viravira.co or contact us on +90 850 433 90 70.

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