5 Must See Coves in Marmaris
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6 Must See Coves in Marmaris

Bordubet Cove

Bordubet Cove, also known as “Bird the bed” by the British, is located in Marmaris’s Resadiye Peninsula. Where the forest meets the sea, this spot is a beautiful blend of blue and green, with a stunning natural environment. This cove is preferred mostly by daily visitors as it is a protected area, but those who wish may also stay overnight in bungalows and tents found on shore. The biggest draw of this spot is a 600-meter long river that opens up to a 1-kilometer wide beach. Here visitors may take part in numerous activities such as canoeing or sailing with an inflatable raft, walks in the forest, fishing, bike tours and discovering the nearby coves.

Ciftlik Cove

Located in the southwest of Marmaris, Ciftlik Cove has a blue flag, the world’s most recognized voluntary awards for beaches, marinas, and sustainable boating tourism operators. To reach this cove by land from Marmaris, you will need to follow the direction of Sogut and Bayir. Marine transport from Marmaris will take around 2 hours. What differs with this cove from the others nearby is its coarse-grained sandy beach. It is also a popular destination for daily boat tours. The rock structure of the cove also makes this a preferred diving destination.

Turunc Cove

Turunc is a destination for blue cruise boats and is located on the Bozburun Peninsula of Marmaris. It is possible to reach this spot from Marmaris – Icmeler by traveling 25 kilometers along a road with bends and an impressive mountain view. The cove takes its name from the bergamot (turunc) gardens located on shore. Here it is also possible to enjoy activities such as strolling among nature, jeep-safari tours and of course diving.

Amos Cove

Amos Cove is located between Turunc and Kumlubuk and is 24 kilometers from Marmaris. It is one of the most popular destinations for daily boat tours, and is mostly known for the Amos Ancient City. While taking the land route, the cove can be reached through a holiday village called “Profesorler Sitesi”. It is an ideal cove for snorkeling due to its clear sea and stony beach. It is also possible to enjoy the magnificent view of the cove through the ancient city, where you can enter for free.

Kumlubuk Cove

Kumlubuk is the first stop for most who visit this area and is located just 25 kilometers south of Marmaris. Unfortunately, it is not possible to reach this cove directly by public transportation. Those who wish to visit will firstly need to take a minibus to Turunc, and then additionally take a taxi to reach the cove. Alternatively, to reach the cove by sea, visitors can take a motorboat from Turunc. As Kumlukbuk is nestled within the mountainside, it is a popular spot for trekking and hiking with its many nature paths along the mountain and shore. There are also multiple accommodation possibilities on the sea or mountainside.

Gebekse Cove

Frequented often by blue cruise boats, Gebekse is one of the most charming coves of this region. It is the perfect spot to do some diving in order to witness the beauty of the underwater world. In this majestic cove, you can also spot the remains of an ancient church. Gebekse Cove can be visited by chartering a yacht from Marmaris.

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