7 Coves That Have To Be Seen In Turkey
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7 Coves to Visit in Turkey

Turkey is surrounded by water on 3 sides, the Mediterranean in the South, the Aegean on the West, and the Black Sea to the North. With the Southern shores fondly known also as the Turquoise Coast or the Turkish Riviera, the country boasts countless stunning islands, bays, and coves, many of which are only accessible by sea. Read below to discover 7 coves that must be seen in your lifetime:

Delikli Cove – Cesme, İzmir

If you are looking for somewhere with stunning scenery, and somewhere secluded and calm, this is the cove for you! This spot is famous far and wide for its beautiful white rocky surfaces and small cliffs off which you can dive into the water. The cove is located in Cesme, between Alacati and Ovacik, in the opposite direction of the popular surf schools and about 5 kilometers away from Port Alacati. Literally translated as “Holed Cove”, this spot gets its name from the arches and formations of the rocks that have been formed by water through the ages. This is a wonderful place for some peace and quiet and you should bring your own umbrella and chairs as there are no facilities or restaurants.

Dolungaz Cove – Karaburun, İzmir

Located on the Northern coast of Karaburun, Dolungaz Cove is surrounded by cliffs. Considered a hidden gem, this cove overlooks Lesbos and is blessed with dazzlingly turquoise water. Since this is actually a camping area there is an entrance fee to use the grounds. If you wish to see but have no camping gear with you, there are also prefabricated structures that you may use. The cove is about 100 kilometers away from the city of Izmir and may be accessed by public transport. The trip there will take about an hour and a half.

Kabak Cove – Fethiye, Mugla

Kabak Cove in Fethiye is known as a true hidden paradise. Located in the village of Faralya, the cove is about 17 kilometers away from Oludeniz and 30 kilometers away from the Fethiye town center. The cove can be visited just on a day trip (well worth it!) or you can also choose to camp and stay overnight. A wonderful oasis of nature, this cove is home to a small 200-meter beach, behind which is a beautiful forest and rocky cliffs perfect for trekking and discovering refreshing waterfalls. Reaching Kabak Cove is fairly easy: You can take the Faralya minibusses until the last stop at Kabak Village from the Fethiye bus station and then take a shuttle from Kabak Village to Kabak Cove. The other option to reach the cove is to walk, but this takes around 25 minutes.

Gideros Cove – Cide, Kastamonu

Located on the West of the Black Sea, Gideros Cove is situated approximately 10 kilometers away from Cide. This is a secret cove surrounded by trees that almost resemble a lake. Belonging to Kalafat Village, this cover offers mooring opportunities for yachts and boats. To reach the cove, visitors can use the Yeni Cag road between Bolu and Gerede, or alternately make use of the Black Sea Coast Road from Amasra to Sinop. Make note that you should drive carefully on these roads as there are many sharp bends. The best time to visit this dove is between June and August.

Butterfly Valley – Fethiye, Mugla

A true wonder of nature located in Mugla’s Fethiye district, Butterfly Valley is situated within the boundaries of the Oludeniz region.  A valley between two distinct clifftops, this spot takes its name from 80 species of butterflies that are native to the area. As the area has been declared a 1st-grade natural site, it is forbidden for any kind of construction or development to be undertaken within the site. For this reason, electricity, roads, and concrete structures are not found here, but it is possible to camp or stay at small wooden lodges. The camping area can accommodate up to 500 people per day in tents and treehouses. Here, the most popular activities are hiking, climbing, and diving.

Sarsala Cove – Dalaman, Mugla

Sarsala Cove is located in the Dalaman district of Mugla and the cove can be reached after a somewhat perilous journey through steep winding roads. This is a popular spot frequented by both foreign and domestic holidaymakers and boat owners due to the breathtaking clear and warm waters. Sarsala is located 17 kilometers away from the center of Dalaman. Sarsala is the only cove in Dalaman that can be reached by land, and hence it is a well-known and highly visited spot.

Firnaz Cove – Kas, Kalkan

Firnaz Cove is located 4 kilometers from Kalkan, and due to its whereabouts is not accessible by land. This cove can be visited by daily boat tours from Kalkan or with your own private boat and is a popular spot due to its crystal clear sea. There is only one beach here that has a bar as well as a popular mud bath and many believe that the bath has anti-aging properties. The cove is also very popular for diving enthusiasts, and what’s more, visitors can also spot ancient archeological ruins that are dotted around the cove.

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