7 Valid Reasons to Leave the City Life and Start to Live in a Boat
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7 Valid Reasons to Leave City Life and Live on a Boat

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More than ever today we are seeing people abandon their busy city lives to choose a different way of life, and carry out a laid-back lifestyle at sea. Rather than wait for retirement or limit days on board to sailing holidays in the South, there is a growing trend of people choosing to live on their boats, anchored in marinas. This appeals to us just fine! Here are 7 reasons why:

  1. Investing in your own boat and choosing to live in it year-round is a way to better connect with the natural world, and lead a simpler life. Rather than be cooped up in an apartment, deep in the chaos of city life, why not choose to be surrounded by the elements? The many disturbances and multitude of noises experienced when living in a city can have a negative effect on the psychology and health of the human body. Escaping from the chaos of the city will cement the ideal attractiveness that living on a boat affords you.
  2. The many disturbances and multitude of noises experienced when living in a city can have a negative effect on the psychology and health of the human body. Escaping from the hustle and bustle of the city, and living away from the daily grind will truly show you how good it can be to slow down and take it easy. Especially within the cities, basic needs such as eating and drinking can be quite costly. However, choosing to live on a boat brings the cost of consumption to a small percentage of living costs, this way it offers you a cheaper and more economical alternative.
  3. In modern life, we constantly accumulate belongings, often surrounding ourselves with far more than we need. We are often convinced that in order to make a home worthwhile, we need to fill it this and that, and end up spending way more than we ever intended to. Decorating and filling a home can be a truly costly affair. On the other hand, living on a boat can teach you to live with only what you really need.  Increasing competition between people is another negative consequence of the social fabric when choosing to live urban life. Competition and stress have become synonymous with the city lifestyle. On the contrary, living on the waters is associated with bringing people away from the cities’ unreachable ambitions, and instead allows people to be more constructive and sincere with their life and relationships.
  4. Daily life in cosmopolitan cities is always pricey. The costs of eating and drinking out especially are high and choosing to live out of the city centers can be a more affordable way of life. Life on a boat reduces consumption, prompting also a more sustainable way to live. This can be a more economical way to live life.
  5. Living on land, and in a major city means we are generally fixed to a certain location. Homes are costly to buy, rent, or maintain and once we settle down we don’t generally move around too much. Hence, when you leave your home in the morning, you know you will come to the same place in the evening. On the contrary, living on a boat can offer a totally different nomadic existence. According to your fancy, you can choose to dock and stay wherever you wish. You can set sail to any new destination on any day and liberate yourself from the confines of modern life.
  6. Increased competition and stress are an integral part of urban life. We are always striving to do more, do better, earn more and spend more. But who says this is the right way to live? Maybe a slower, more sustainable, and more serene existence is right for you. Living on the water, away from the stresses of the city can lead to a more simple and sincere life.
  7. This sincerity can in turn lead to more sincere relationships in your life. Out on the water, and down in the South, away from capitalistic yearnings and competition, the importance of social status is eliminated. Relationships are free of greed and ego. On the open water, everyone is equal.

In recognizing that life itself is a struggle and a challenge, evidently it must be accepted that living on a boat can present its own set of difficulties. However, this way of life overall does indeed offer a more straightforward and sustainable alternative. By cutting out all the noise, and unnecessary stresses, you will be able to tackle the problems life brings you with a clearer mind.

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