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An Aegean Beauty: Sedir Island

Sedir is a small island in the Gulf of Gokova of the Southeastern Aegean Sea off the coast of Ula, part of the Mugla Province of Turkey. Also known as Cleopatra’s Island, this spot is visited by approximately 250 thousand people during the summer season, and is one of the most loved stops for sailing routes. Known as Kedrae in ancient times, the island boasts a myriad of historical remains and ruins.

On this island, you may discover crystal clear sea and golden sands as well as a splendid forest of olive, pine and cedar trees. Take a short trip to the past by visiting the remains of the ancient theater and the harbor that belong to past civilizations, thousands of years old.

In fact, it is the very history and myths that surround this mystical island that attract so many visitors each and every year. The island is known for the great love story between Cleopatra and King Caesar of Egypt. According to the legend, the King of Egypt brought 60 ships of golden sand to the island, each grain’s diameter less than 1 mm as a gift for Cleopatra. Supposedly this gold sand remains at the beach to this day. This aforementioned sand can only be found on Sedir Island and in the Red Sea.

This stunning island and precious sand are evidently under protection by the state. It is strictly forbidden to remove any of the sand from the beach. As a precaution, the 60 meters long and 5 meters wide part of the beach is completely enclosed and it is not permitted to enter. It is also forbidden to enter the beach with towels and slippers and it’s obligatory to take a shower after swimming. Visitors who come by boat can sunbathe at the sunbathing area back of the protected sand.

Sedir Island has over the years become one of the top regions for yacht vacationers to flock to at all seasons, with its mythological atmosphere and its gorgeous sea and the beach.