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Birthday Party Onboard

Everybody wants to feel special on their birthday and there’s nothing more memorable and exciting than celebrating a new age out on the open water! Choose to celebrate this year by inviting friends to a soirée on a private yacht charter in Istanbul complete with cocktails, dinner, music, and anything else you desire!

Here are just a few of the reasons a birthday party on a boat is the right choice for you:

Plan according to your budget and avoid any surprises with overpriced bills.

With parties and events organized at hot spots like bars and restaurants in the city, running into an unpleasant surprise with an overpriced bill at the end of the night is a likely outcome. On the other hand, if you decide to celebrate your birthday on a boat since all the arrangements will be made beforehand, you will be totally in control of how much you allocate to rent, catering, decoration, entertainment, and drinks. You can plan your ideal event according to your budget and preferences.

Choose the most suitable package and customize it.

Like most event organizations, planning a birthday celebration takes much effort and time. There are countless details to take into consideration. A party on a boat however is surprisingly straightforward and simple. You will simply choose from a range of packages saving precious time on minute details. You can select the most suitable option and then add on the details as you wish.

Make your birthday celebration genuinely unique.

Make this birthday genuinely unique with an unforgettable experience. We have all had a birthday dinner or birthday cocktail, so why not mix it up with a totally new approach? Welcome your new age with a worthy celebration by organizing a party on a boat!

Shape your organization as you wish.

Organizations that take place on the boat are flexible and you can plan the event to evolve however you wish. Even what starts as a quiet dinner can end up a dance party, or fun cocktails can be accompanied by live music. You can experience all you wish in one evening without having to go anywhere else.

Birthday celebrations on a boat are suitable for all seasons.

While the obvious season for a boat party is summer, you can also plan dinners and parties on a boat all year round, in all seasons. Thanks to advanced equipment and spacious boats with many different features you can have an equally enjoyable event on a boat in the colder months. Transparent zipped canvas and heaters mean you will still be able to enjoy many of the outdoor areas. So don’t be put off if you have a winter birthday, you will still be able to welcome your new age on a boat!

Keep in mind, the range of activities that can be hosted on the boat extends far beyond birthday parties. It’s possible to arrange events like boat-based graduation celebrations, breakfasts, and bachelor parties, among other things.