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Bodrum Northern Dodecanese Islands Bodrum Sailing Route & Yachting Itinerary

Bodrum - North 12 Islands - Bodrum
Bodrum – North 12 Islands – Bodrum


This sailing route of the Northern Islands of the 12 Islands Archipelago departs from Bodrum and makes way for Kos.


The second largest of the Twelves Islands Archipelago, Kos is a favorite spot for holiday goers worldwide. Legend has it that this island was the birthplace of Hippocrates and thus the center of the holistic treatments and medicine of Ancient Greece. The island also has a rich heritage of ancient and archeological sites, among them landmarks from Ottoman, Byzantine and Venetian periods. You can enjoy the stunning beaches of the island with your private charter yachts, each more beautiful than the next. Some favorites are Paradise Beach, Tamtam Beach (Mastichari Beach), Kefalos Beach, Tigaki Beach, Lambi Beach, Marmari Beach and Therma Beach. If staying overnight, make sure to hit up the bars and nightclubs on Nafklirou Street.  The next stop on this sailing route is Pserimos Island.

Pserimos – Leros

Located just in the north of Kos, Pserimos is the ideal stop for a delicious breakfast against a backdrop of stunning nature, and a swimming break before moving on to the beautiful island of Leros. A mountainous and green island with high cliffs and many idyllic little bays and villages, this is a truly enchanting stop. Tour the center of the island that is called Platanos and climb 300 stairs to visit the Leros Castle. The island is easily walkable but visitors can also rent motorbikes to get around quicker. The next stop of the sailing route is Patmos.


One of the most popular yacht vacation destinations, Patmos is also often known as the ‘Island of the Apocalypse’ as St. John the Evangelist was rumored to have been sent here at some point in the first century A.D. and supposedly wrote the scripture ‘Apocalypse’ or ‘Revelation’ while on the island. Steeped in religious history, the island boasts over 50 churches and monasteries.  The charming and tranquil little island is perfect for slow and leisurely days of exploring and swimming in the crystal clear waters.


Just 10 kilometers east of Patmos, Lipsi is one of the prettiest of the Dodecanese Greek Islands. Visit the famous churches, Catopanaghia and Panopanaghia, and swim in the immaculate waters before moving onto Kalymnos.


Just 25 minutes from Bodrum lies the island of Kalymnos which is famous for sponge collecting. The island has lush green valleys to explore and visitors can also see the Agios Savas Monastery, the Marine Museum, and the Archeology Museum. The next stop of this sailing route is Aquarium Bay.

Aquarium Bay – Bodrum

Aquarium Bay is famed for its dazzling turquoise waters. The range of sight underwater here is very high as the water is remarkably clean and clear. Enjoy snorkeling and sighting the marine life in this bay. After a short swimming break here, the sailing route will come to an end in Bodrum.

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