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Marmaris Greek Islands Marmaris Sailing Route & Yachting Itinerary

Marmaris - Greek Islands - Marmaris
Marmaris – Greek Islands – Marmaris

Serce Harbor – Bozukkale

The first stop on your Marmaris sailing holiday route is Serce Harbor. You head to Bozukkale after enjoying the crystal clear waters of Serce Harbor – the place where the “Glass Wreck”, a Byzantian shipwreck that is currently exhibited in Bodrum Museum, was initially discovered. Bozukkale is located very close to Rhodes and is home to archaeological remains from the civilizations of Loryma or Aplotheka. After having a swim in its blue waters that have witnessed history, you move on to Bozburun.

Bozburun – Dirsek Buku – Bencik

Renowned for its production of handmade wooden gulets, Bozburun is one of the Aegean region’s most peaceful and favored coastal towns. You can have a swim in its crystal clear waters and take short walks to discover the area. Then you weigh anchor for Dirsek Buku. Take a dip in its waters, and if you fancy it, have your lunch break at this little corner of heaven. Next up is Bencik on your sailing holiday route. The most narrow point of the Dat

ca Peninsula, beautiful Bencik boasts numerous bays on its east and west sides and is a very suitable spot to spend the night due to its location. Then with the first light of morning, you weigh anchor and head to Aktur.

Aktur – Datca

After enjoying the breathtaking waters and nature of Aktur, you head to Datca – the coastal town famed for its fish, almonds and honey. With plenty of fresh air, and clear waters Datca is a popular spot for sailing holiday boats. Bask in its sunshine and cool down in its crystal clear waters or head to the old city to visit quaint historical stone houses and the ancient city of Knidos. Datca is also suitable for windsurfing, as it is located in a windy region. Next up on your route is Symi.


Symi island, which is about 24 sea miles from Rhodes, offers a peaceful retreat, entertainment, culture and history all-in-one. Spend the day in Symi after traveling for about an hour from Rhodes. You can visit churches and the history of various cultures around the island. Blow off some steam with a swim in the magnificent beaches of Symi and move on to Rhodes.


The biggest of the Twelve Islands, Rhodes, also referred to as Chevalier’s Island, is known for its sunny climate that boasts up to 300 days of sun per year, attracting tourists even in the winter months. You may choose to take a small trip to explore the island on foot to delve into its fascinating history that brought many cultures together in the past and visit the Rhodes Castle built by Knights of Saint John where you will see historical artifacts from the Ottoman period. The island also boasts some of the best swimming in the region. You may enjoy its crystal  clear waters, stay overnight and experience the lively nightlife that the island has to offer.

Cennet Island

As you come to the end of your yacht vacation, your next stop is Cennet Island, where you can bask up the sun and enjoy the sea and nature one last time before you deboard. Afterwards, you head to Marmaris to finalize your trip.