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Breakfast Onboard

From the moment you take off from land and set out to sea, Istanbul boat trips offer a myriad of activities and pleasant moments for all to enjoy. Foremost among these is one of the most important rituals of a day at sea, breakfast onboard! Breakfasts on the boat are a refreshing, revitalizing, and cherished experience. Leisurely meals with the freshest of ingredients offer both a release of the stress and fatigue of city life and a fresh start to a healthy and energetic day out on the open water.

Enjoy the freedom of no reservations and the lack of crowds

For breakfasts onshore especially, reservations will need to be made far in advance to ensure a pleasant space. On the other hand, you will always be able to enjoy a private, leisurely, and delicious breakfast in the comfort of the boat with the right yacht charter option for you and this way avoid long buffet and brunch queues!

Set your own destination

The best part of enjoying your breakfast on a yacht is that meanwhile, you can choose from any number of locations according to your preferences.  Onshore, in tranquil little bays, or even out in the middle of the sea during a sailing holiday, you can take in the stunning views while getting ready for the day with a fresh and nutritious meal.

Prepare your own breakfast menu

When managing the breakfast organization yourself on board, you will have the freedom of designing your ideal menu with the help of the boat’s crew.  No need to face any unpleasant surprises or finished dishes, enjoy all your favorite tastes and dishes prepared specifically for you. You can even get that full-fat feta cheese that you dream of!

Set the concept of the breakfast yourself

Make your experience even more unforgettable by mixing up the menu, adding a concept, and planning accordingly! You can even decorate the boat and create a menu that fits your purpose. Include the tastes and dishes of different countries, design a different menu for each day, and make your breakfasts truly unforgettable!

No surprises with the cheque

No matter how long you dine or how many extra coffees you get, there will be no nasty surprises with a hefty cheque while eating on the boat. You can truly let go, relax, and enjoy your meal and the backdrop of the Mediterranean. Thus, you can make an organization that suits your budget and have a different breakfast experience onboard!

Don’t forget, the spectrum of activities that can be arranged on the boat is not just limited to breakfast gatherings. Events like graduation parties, birthday celebrations, and even marriage proposals can also be splendidly hosted onboard.