Gulet Cruise in Turkey Authentic Way to Sail into the Blue

Cabin Charter & Rental

Cabin charter is the rental of a yacht’s cabins separately, with meal included per person-based pricing as in the full board system. In other words, as in hotel holidays, breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included in the cabin charter fee and drinks are extra. Cabin charter is mostly done by motor sailer/gulet type of yachts which usually have 6-16 cabins with private shower and toilet.  

By chartering a cabin, you can enjoy the bays and coves on your designated route without having to rent the entire yacht. You also have the chance to meet fellow travelers and make new friends. As the food is included in the price, you do not need to worry about details such as the supply of food provisions or cooking. Besides, since the cruise plan and other details are determined in advance, all you need to do is to be at the marina before your departure for check-in.