Daily Boat Rental

Daily Boat Rental

Ideal for short blue voyage holidays for staying overnight

Daily boat rental is the name given for minimum 1 maximum 6 days overnight stays. When you rent the boat daily, the whole boat belongs to you during your stay. By daily boat rental, you can have a short blue voyage and discover the heavenly bays of Mediterranean Sea. On the other hand, you can rent a boat that you will be the captain if you have the necessary licenses. Bu this way you can set your own destinations and have a holiday as you wish.

If you do not want to rent a boat for a week, daily rental is just for you

Usually blue voyage boats are rented from one Saturday to another for a week. If you do not want to have a blue voyage holiday for a week, you can organize a shorter holiday by daily boat rental. Additionally if you do not want to spend all of your 10 days on a boat or if you are renting a boat for the first time, daily boat rental is an ideal option for you.

Time would not be a problem anymore with the daily yacht rental

If you like speed and comfort, or you want to see different places in limited time, you can rent a yacht daily. By this way you can travel on the route as you set as you wish through the day without time being a problem. With the daily yacht rental option you would not have to rent the boat for seven days as you do on blue voyage holidays. Regarding the length of your holiday you can rent a boat for 1, 2 days or more.

Daily Boat Rental prices are cheaper then you think

Daily boat rental prices are not expensive as it thought. With the budget you save for a hotel holiday, it is possible to have a daily boat rental. With a group of six you can have an unforgettable daily boat rental organization from the price of 35 Euros per person per day.