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Yacht Rental with Overnight Stay

Ideal for short yacht vacations and for staying overnight…

Yacht rental with overnight stay refers to sailing voyages that are a minimum 1 and a maximum of 6 overnight stays. When renting the boat with stay overnight option, the entire yacht will be yours for your stay. On these yacht rentals with overnight stay, you will be able to go on a shorter sailing holiday and discover the stunning and heavenly bays of the Mediterranean. You may also rent the boat and captain it yourself if you are in possession of the necessary licenses. This way you may set your own destinations and set off whenever and wherever you like.

If you don’t prefer to rent a boat for a whole week, yacht rental with overnight stay is just for you!

Usually, boats for sailing holidays are rented from one Saturday to another for the entire week. If you do not wish to go on a yacht vacation for seven whole days, you might consider the overnight stay yacht rental option and organize a shorter holiday. For newcomers to sailing holidays and those unsure of spending much time onboard, yacht rental with overnight stay is an ideal option to try out and get acquainted with a sailing holiday.

No time constraints with overnight stay yacht rental options…

If you prefer speed, comfort and to make less of a commitment to a long holiday onboard, you could opt to rent your yacht by the day rather than the usual weekly package. This way you can set the route as you wish each day and explore the destinations you desire in your limited time. According to your preference, you may rent a boat for even just one or two days, or more as you wish.

Extremely reasonable offers on yacht rentals with overnight stay!

Yacht rental with overnight stay are really not as costly as you might think. With the budget you will save on hotels and lodging, you will be able to go on a truly unforgettable holiday by renting a boat with overnight stay. Prices of yacht rental with overnight stay begin from 35 Euros per person and up per day.