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Hourly & Daily Yacht Rental

Private yacht rental, which has become popular in recent years, appeals to those who want to spend every moment of their vacation in the deep blue seas. The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to yacht rental is a sailing holiday. Sailing holidays take a week, 15 days, or even more, but there are also yacht rental options for less than a week. These are hourly boats with a minimum rental period of 2 hours and boats that go on daily round trips.

Although people tend to rent a yacht in summer – as summer is probably the favorite season of all – yacht rentals are also available during the winter months. The cold weather doesn’t prevent you from renting a yacht to get away from the stress and fatigue of daily life and spend some quality time with your loved ones. Thanks to the heaters on board, you will feel the summer warmth despite the winter weather. With hourly and daily yacht rental options, you can rent a boat in all seasons and organize your own events.

Hourly Yacht Rental

With hourly yacht rentals take advantage of the freedom to organize a whole range of events! Boat trips without overnight stay or rentals for different types of events and organizations are usually carried out on an hourly basis. Yachts can be rented for a plethora of different activities, from business meetings, birthday parties, weddings, marriage proposals, reunions to just an occasional gathering with friends. You can also arrange a unique tour in the city and get a chance to see the historical buildings and natural beauties of the city with hourly and daily yacht rental options. In addition to renting the yacht itself for a couple of hours, you can set the destination, concept and menu according to your preferences.

Daily Yacht Rental

Daily yacht rentals provide the easy and ultimate escapes from bustling city life, allowing you to enjoy a moment of solitude and silence away from the crowds and rush of daily life.  Bask in the sun, take in glorious views of nothing but the open sea and horizon. Meet with your friends and family for a delicious breakfast on the sea, head out for a day of fishing or find some tranquil bays for swimming on hot summer days. The options are endless! If you have a license you can even rent the boat without the captain and set off as you wish.