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Explore the Marmaris Kumlubuk Cove Onboard

Renting a boat in the Mediterranean is one of the best activities you can do during summer. Located about 19 kilometers from the Marmaris city center, Kumlubuk is a beautiful natural cove accessible by both land and sea. With its dramatic mountain views and dazzling turquoise waters, Kumlubuk Cove attracts sailing holiday yachts and visitors from all around the world each and every summer. The cove is also home to two hotels where travelers can also opt to stay.

Explore Kumlubuk Cove with a charter yacht!

With viravira.co, you can charter a yacht in the Marmaris region and visit the coastline and forested back areas of Kumlubuk. Why not also explore further inland by also going for a mountain hike? Enjoy the pristine, untouched nature!

Swim in dazzlingly clear turquoise waters.

The waters of the Mediterranean coast are renowned for dazzlingly clear turquoise waters.  Crystal clear and perfectly clean, the waters provide perfect visibility and you’ll be able to see 6 meters down from the surface! Enjoy diving and snorkeling and discover underwater life! Most yachts will carry diving equipment too and if you are not an experienced diver already, you can take diving courses at nearby stops. Thanks to calm waters and a suitable seabed, this cove is often frequented by recreational divers.

Take a hike.

As you approach land, get your shoes ready and don’t forget hats, sunglasses and sunscreen because this is the perfect time to walk! Kumlubuk is the perfect spot for a forest hike due to its extraordinarily lush flora and panoramic views of the turquoise waters. Brimming with palms, pines, oleander and olive trees, this bay is home to diverse forests that will truly allow you to indulge in nature. We also recommend you make a stop at Amos during the walk, as this is one of the rare spots that you’ll be able to catch a fantastic sunrise or sunset!

Water sports await!

Sailing holidays offer no shortage of recreational activities and water sports, from jet-skiing and water-skiing to banana and donut boat rides. You will be able to find more detailed information at the facilities on the coast when you stop ashore.

Delight in local tastes and dishes!

Kumlubuk Cove and the surrounding area is particularly renowned for its rich local dishes. Some of our favorites include Zeytinyagli Bamya, Mantar Dolmasi, Borulce, Kapari Filizi, Taratorlu Borulce Salatasi, Turp Otu Salatasi, Hindiba, Sevket-i Bostan, Dulger Baligi Mantisi, and Arapsaci Kavurmasi.

As you might have gathered from this post, Kumlubuk Cove is truly a corner of paradise and is now the poster child of the classical sailing holiday. If you are planning a yacht vacation in Turkey, don’t miss out and make sure to add this to your route!

You can check the gulet, sailboat, catamaran, and motor yacht alternatives on viravira.co, rent the boat that suits you best and visit this heavenly bay in Marmaris.