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Flotilla Sailing Holiday

A “flotilla” is a group of six to eight yachts sailing together as a group accompanied by a lead yacht. Flotilla sailing holidays are a popular choice for couples, friends and families but it is important to have some basic experience with sailing. 

In the daytime, individual yachts may sail independently on their route of choice. However, it is expected that all yachts follow the lead in order to move in the bays or ports in an orderly fashion. Each morning, the captains will convene for a daily meeting where the routes and destinations will be set. Each captain and boat will receive detailed information regarding the weather forecast and conditions as well as the stops on the route. All yachts will be able to be in contact with one another via their radio systems.

Often even the most experienced sailors can opt to sail with a flotilla for the advantages of social and group activities. Attending group activities are never mandatory and yachts can move around independently and maintain a degree of personal space if that is what they wish, so long as they remain in touch with the leading boat. On the other hand, the flotilla experience will offer a plethora of enjoyable activities where families, friends and sailors can meet and socialize!

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