Flotilla is the name of the trip where mostly 6 to 8 boats travel as a group. A leader boat accompanies to this group organization. In flotilla sail, you need to have an experience on sailing.

In the the daytime you can sail independently but for overnight you are expected to be in touch with the leading boat to moore on the bays or on the ports in the correct.

Every morning a captains meeting takes place and daily destinations are set altogether. You will receive information regarding to daily weather forecast and you gather information regarding the places that you will see. You can get in contact with the other boats with the leader boa tor the other boats via walkie-talkies.

Even experienced sailors prefer flotilla due to the benefit of social activities and group trips. You do not have to attend social activities and personal space will be given to you if you do not prefer to be in the crowd. You can do whatever you want as long as you stay in touch with the leading boat. On the other hand, to meet other sailors and share your sea adventures will be a unique experience.