24 Activities You Can Do During Blue Cruise
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Fun Activities on a Sailing Holiday

On a sailing holiday, as you might expect, you will spend most of your time on board. Those not familiar with this holiday concept might have some reservations about being in a limited living space, but relax 🙂 The possibilities on a boat are endless; there are lots of fun activities and events for everyone in the family. If you are wondering about what you can do onboard other than swimming and sailing during your yacht vacation, you must read this article!

Water sports

You can make your sailing holiday more fun with activities such as water skiing, jet ski, banana and windsurfing. Some boats may require additional fees for these activities; we recommend you ask for the prices beforehand. You can also visit the water sports center on your sailing route and enjoy a wider selection of water sports activities and equipment.

Scuba diving

Scuba diving is one of the favorite activities of sailing holidays. There are diving centers in most of the yachting destinations where you can learn this magical activity at your own pace. You can explore the beauties of underwater life during your yacht vacation after taking classes in diving centers located in various destinations such as Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, and Gocek. You can get information about scuba diving and their prices from the crew or the boat owner.

Daily excursions & tours

Activities such as safari, rafting, and trekking can turn your yacht vacation into a wonderful journet and you can collect unforgettable memories. You may visit places like Ephessus, Dalyan, Didim, Priene, Milet, Xanthos, Phaselis, Olympos, Caunos, and Saklikent on your sailing route and go on daily excursions and tours deep in nature such as trekking, jeep safari, and rafting. If your sailing holiday departs from Fethiye or Gocek, you can experience paragliding and watch these beautiful coastal towns from the sky.

Trekking, short walks & cycling

You can have short walks in the woods and hiking trails along the coastline and also visit historical sites on your sailing route. Many popular historical settlements, ancient cities, and museums are located on the coastline. Cycling is another way to explore around. You can either participate in a bike tour accompanied by a professional guide or rent a bicycle and stroll around by yourself.

You may also participate in bike tours as well as taking short walks in nature. You can go on a bike tour accompanied by a guide, or choose to explore around by yourself. 

Here are other activities you can do during your sailing holiday:

  • We recommend you bring all the books that you couldn’t find the time to read for a long time to the boat. You can read these books along with the sounds of the waves and have a pleasant time.
  • Marvel over incredible views. There will be no shortage of scenes to snap on your camera or iPhone. Gorgeous landscapes, endless horizons, lush greenery and underwater wonders! Blues and greens like you’ve never seen before…
  • Enjoy watching the beautiful sunrises and sunsets onboard your charter yacht with your loved ones.
  • Table games are one of the best activities to do on a boat. You can have fun by playing various games like backgammon, chess, okey, domino, card games, scrabble, taboo and monopoly.
  • What about some arts and crafts? Bring along some watercolors or your other preferred paints and awaken your creative side. There will be no shortage of incredible scenery. Paint the beautiful landscapes or skies!
  • Witnessing the stars this bright and clear is truly unique. Under the milky way in the silence and deep dark, you will feel the magic of the earth!
  • This is the ultimate opportunity to nourish both your soul and body. Find your center and zen, and practice some yoga on board. Close your eyes and focus only on the sound of the lapping waves.
  • The most common activity of boat trips is fishing. You may fish all day either with your own gear or with the fishing equipment that is provided for you.

As we mentioned above, there are so many activities to do during a yacht vacation that you may not even find time to rest. If you haven’t chartered your boat, you can visit viravira.co, select the most suitable yacht among 12,000 boats anchored in 49 countries and 1,040 different locations, including Bodrum, Gocek, Fethiye, Antalya, Bozburun, Marmaris, Greece, Greek Islands, and Croatia, or contact us at +90 850 433 90 70 for more information.