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Health Benefits of Yacht Vacation

Rising in popularity in recent years, sailing holidays have quickly become a preferred option for a true escape from city life and an ideal way to wind down and relax in nature. Yacht vacations provide the ultimate retreat with time to swim, snorkel, read, sunbathe, meditate and just relax. Exploring the rugged and beautifully preserved coastlines of the Mediterranean, these getaways are also a great way to stay active and fit and are a great healthy holiday choice!

Stunning Nature

Sometimes holidays involve just as much stress and bustle as city life. Heading from here to there, trying to squeeze all the sites you end up rushing around more than relaxing. On a yacht, however, besides the great outdoors, the sun and the sea, you will have the space on deck and the room below. Although there will be no shortage of fun activities and sports to partake in, you will have plenty of time to lay back and relax. A sailing holiday will provide the ultimate detox from city life, with fresh air, salty sea, vitamin D and beautiful scenery.

An Active and Exercise-Filled Vacation

While you might think movement will be limited due to being onboard a charter yacht, in actual fact a sailing holiday will offer plenty of opportunity for activity and physical exercise. Swim and snorkel for hours in the crystal clear waters and try out water sports like water-skiing and paddleboarding. Try hiking and exploring the surrounding forested areas and discover the quaint towns onshore.

Fresh Healthy Meals

While a typical resort holiday might tempt you with open buffets, endless options and opportunities to indulge in unhealthy treats, on a yacht vacation you will be able to plan your menu in advance. This way, you will make sure your meals will be just to your liking and include the freshest vegetables, fruits and seafood! On a motor yacht and gulet, the crew will prepare all of your meals for you. However, on a catamaran or sailboat, you will have the option to choose to cook and prepare your meals yourself, or pay an extra fee and have the staff take care of meals for you.

Oceans, Forests and Tons of Fresh Air!

Out on the open water, you will enjoy the simplicity and luxury of really being exposed to the elements. Plenty of sun, plenty of sea-salt, and plenty of oxygen. Amongst the gorgeous shades of green and blue, you’ll enjoy the fresh ocean breeze and feel the rejuvenating and revitalizing powers of nature.


If you spend most of the year at a desk, in your office and in the city, this is the ultimate chance to stock up on Vitamin D. An essential nutrient for the human body to function, Vitamin D is mainly acquired through exposure to the sun. Out on the open water, you will be in the sun for most of the day. So make sure to bring along plenty of sunscreen.


They say seawater can be the cure for anything, and out on a sailing holiday, you will really feel this to be true. Salty seawater can improve the complexion, regulate sleep and strengthen the immune system. On your yacht vacation, be sure to spend as much time as you can swim in the crystal clear turquoise waters.

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