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How to Charter a Yacht in Greece: An Easy Step-by-Step Guide

Uncover the joy of Greek islands with our easy guide to charter a yacht in Greece. Sail, explore, and create unforgettable memories!

Greece, a country of sparkling waters and stunning islands, is a paradise for yacht chartering. In this guide, you’ll learn how to charter a yacht in Greece, ensuring you have an unforgettable sailing adventure.

  • Chartering a yacht in Greece offers an exceptional experience of exploring over 6,000 islands, with a variety of yacht options such as motor yachts, sailing yachts, catamarans, and gulets catering to different preferences and group sizes.
  • A successful yacht charter involves careful planning, which includes understanding the charter seasons, choosing a reputable charter company, considering the budget, selecting an appropriate itinerary, and preparing adequately for the trip.
  • Once onboard, respect the yachting etiquette, embrace the Greek lifestyle, and upon return, ensure the yacht is ready for the next set of adventurers. Post-trip procedures, such as the yacht inspection for damages, are as vital as the steps leading up to the journey.

Why Charter a Yacht in Greece?

In Greece, you have over 6,000 islands to explore, and what better way to do so than aboard a chartered yacht? Sailing on turquoise waters, anchoring in secluded bays, dining in quaint tavernas – these are experiences that will etch lifelong memories.

The Different Types of Yachts for Charter

Choosing the right yacht is the first step. Let’s look at the options.

Motor Yachts

Ideal for those seeking luxury and speed. They offer ample space, comfort, and top-notch amenities.

Sailing Yachts

Perfect for the traditionalist. Feel the wind in your sails as you explore the Greek Isles at a leisurely pace.


A top pick for families or large groups due to their stability and spaciousness.


A unique choice that combines traditional aesthetics with modern comfort.

Type of YachtDescription
Motor YachtsThese are the epitome of luxury on the sea, designed for those who seek speed and high-level comfort. They feature multiple decks and cabins, providing ample space, and are often equipped with modern amenities like Jacuzzis, gyms, and advanced entertainment systems.
Sailing YachtsSailing yachts bring the romance of the sea to life, perfect for traditionalists who enjoy the art of sailing. They offer a serene, eco-friendly cruising experience, harnessing the power of the wind to navigate through the Greek Isles, while also providing modern comfort and luxury.
CatamaransCatamarans, with their two hulls, are known for excellent stability, making them a top pick for families or larger groups. Their wide beam offers more space than traditional monohulls, allowing for larger living areas, and they are typically faster due to reduced hydrodynamic resistance.
GuletsA gulet is a traditional wooden sailing vessel from Turkey, offering a blend of classic aesthetics and modern comfort. They usually have spacious decks for lounging and dining, creating a homely feel while sailing, and they are particularly well-suited for calm waters like those found around the Greek islands.
Exploring Yacht Charter Options in Greece: A Closer Look at Different Yacht Types

Understanding the Charter Seasons in Greece

The best time to charter a yacht in Greece is between April and November. The high season (July and August) offers the warmest weather but also attracts more crowds.

Choosing the Right Charter Company

Ensure your charter company is reputable. Check their certifications, read reviews, from listing pages and ask about their safety measures.

Budget Considerations

Consider the charter fee, provisioning, fuel costs, port fees, and possibly additional expenses like tips for the crew.

Choosing Your Itinerary

Greece has diverse sailing regions, each with its unique charm. Check out Greece Yacht Charter Itineraries.

The Cyclades

Famed for their white-washed buildings and blue-domed churches.

The Ionian Islands

Known for its lush vegetation and crystal-clear waters.

The Saronic Gulf

A convenient choice for those short on time as it’s close to Athens.

Booking the Charter

Once you’ve made your choices, book your charter. This usually involves a contract and deposit.

Preparing for the Trip

Pack appropriately for the season. Don’t forget your swimsuit, sunscreen, and a good book!

Onboard the Yacht: Tips for an Incredible Experience

Follow your skipper’s safety rules, respect the marine environment, and embrace the Greek way of life.

Common Yachting Etiquette

Knowing some basic yachting etiquette goes a long way. For instance, shoes are often not worn on board, and the crew’s personal quarters are to be respected.

Returning the Yacht: Steps and Procedures

At the end of your charter, the yacht will be inspected for any damages. Ensure it is clean and fuelled, ready for the next adventurers.


Chartering a yacht in Greece is an extraordinary experience filled with sunshine, azure seas, and rich culture. Follow this guide, and your Greek sailing adventure will be smooth sailing!

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Do I need a license to charter a yacht in Greece?

No, you don’t need a license if you’re chartering a yacht with a skipper. If you’re planning to sail yourself, you’ll need an appropriate sailing license.

Can I customize my itinerary when chartering a yacht?

Yes, most charter companies allow you to customize your itinerary, considering weather conditions and sailing distances.

How long should I charter a yacht in Greece?

This depends on your itinerary. A week is usually enough to explore a few islands comfortably.

Are meals included in the charter fee?

This depends on the charter company and the package you choose. Some include meals, while others do not.

What should I pack for a yacht charter in Greece?

Pack lightweight clothing, a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, swimsuits, and comfortable shoes for exploring onshore.