Seven Security Measures To Take on the Boat for Children

Precautions to be Taken on Board for Children

The first thing that comes to mind when talking about a yacht vacation with children is to take the necessary safety precautions on board. If all the necessary precautions have been taken for your children onboard the boat, all that remains is to enjoy your holiday together. In this article, we listed the issues you should pay attention to on a sailing holiday with your children.

Hand Rails

Hand rails create a barrier for children, pets and for the items that might fall into the sea. Thus, boats equipped with hand rails are safe while sailing. In order to have a safe holiday, you need to pay attention if there are hand rails onboard your chartered yacht.

Life Jacket

Another important thing to consider having on board is the life jacket. Life jackets suitable for children must be kept onboard the yacht. Your children must wear a life jacket while cruising in the open sea around boats larger than 5 meters. You can enjoy your sailing holiday to the fullest by doing it so.

Berthing and Mooring

You should pay extra attention to the safety of your children especially when berthing and mooring. Monitoring your children on board will be helpful in preventing accidents that may arise while the boat is approaching or leaving the land.

Precaution for Allergies and Rashes

On yacht holidays, you will spend most of your time out in nature. Since children are more sensitive to nature than adults, you should carry fly repellent, medicine against insect bites, sun protection cream and a hat with you.

Choosing the Right Shoes

It will be beneficial for the comfort of you and your children to wear soft and non-slip slippers on the boat. Walking barefoot on the boat can cause slips and falls. On the other hand, shoes with a hard sole can damage the boat’s floor. For this reason, soft-soled and non-slip slippers will be the right choice as it won’t scratch the boat’s surface and cause any accident.

Make Sure You Have Plenty of Fresh Water

During a sailing holiday, your child will dehydrate due to spending long hours under the sun. We recommend that you have enough water and cold drinks onboard the yacht to make up your children’s dehydration.

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