Iztuzu Beach
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Turkey’s Natural Wonders: Iztuzu Beach

Close to Dalyan, Iztuzu beach is 5.4 kilometers long. The town is often visited by those who prefer setting out on a yacht vacation during the summer and it’s also known as “Turtle Beach” as the Caretta Caretta turtles visit during the summer months to lay their eggs.

Iztuzu, which was chosen as “The Best Outdoor Space in Europe” by the result of a 6 months research made by The Times newspaper, is a beautiful beach where the lake and the sea meet. It is also possible to look around the labyrinth-shaped reeds by boat.

As Iztuzu is the second undisturbed beach in the world, it is one of the frequent stops of sailing holiday boats. Until recently, rumor had it that this beach had been used as a port by Kaunos people in ancient times. However, it was found out that the beach had been kept as a customs gate and that the Kaunos people had been trading slaves, salt and salted fish.

This magnificent beach is closed to construction in order to protect the Caretta Caretta turtles and the natural beauty of the area. The areas where the turtle eggs are located are marked so that the eggs will not be damaged by visitors. There is also a Caretta Caretta treatment center where the injured turtles are treated.

Frequently visited by yacht vacationers, Iztuzu Beach is worth seeing with its nature and its magnificent sea. If you have a sailing holiday plan this summer, we advise you to add this fantastic region to your route where you can spend time within nature.