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This Summer Discover Fethiye by the Sea

Fethiye, one of the most visited regions of Mugla, fascinates both local and foreign tourists with its magnificent nature, historical textures and immaculate sea.

You may experience an unforgettable vacation by exploring Fethiye, which boasts natural beauties such as Oludeniz, Patara Beach, Gocek Bay and Dalyan, from the sea with a boat rental option departing from Fethiye.

As well as natural wonders, in this region visitors may witness magical sites of history by visiting some important monuments such as Athena, Orion, Apellon, ancient theaters and the rock tombs of Fethiye.

Brief History of Fethiye

Fethiye, the former name of which was Telmessos during antiquity, is estimated to have been established in 3,000 B.C. Unfortunately, the great earthquakes that occurred in the area during those years destroyed much of the region, causing the loss of many important ruins and artifacts.

Located at the West of Lycia, Fethiye had preserved its independence from the Persians until the middle of the 6th century, when it finally fell to the empire. The region was then ruled by the Roman and Byzantine Empires in the following periods. In 1284, Fethiye joined the Menteseogulları of the Seljuk State Principals and eventually joined the Ottoman lands in 1424.

Having hosted civilizations like the Lycian, Roman, Byzantine, Seljukian and Ottoman Empires over the centuries, this region boasts a rich and varied historic and cultural fabric.

Fethiye’s Most Visited Spots During Sailing Holidays

During your sailing holiday in Fethiye, you should definitely see some island settlements such as Samanli k, Tarzan, Turunc, Aquarium, Sari yarlar, Red Island, Butterfly Valley, Oludeniz, Gemiler Island and get to know the historic fabric of our country more deeply.

In these areas you can truly enjoy the sea, sand and sun trio to the fullest as the areas are protected and have each been declared as protected natural sites since 1988. You may also visit the bays and ancient cities of Marmaris and Kas by including them to your cruise plan according to the sailing route you pick.

Why to Definitely Choose Fethiye for Your Sailing Holiday?

As mentioned at the beginning of our article, over the centuries Fethiye has hosted many civilizations. For this reason, the region is home to many antique cities and historical ruins. In addition to this, some of Turkey’s clearest turquoise seas are found along the coasts of Fethiye. The bays that can only be reached by sea especially are well worth a visit for their tranquility and unspoiled nature.

As a coastal town, Fethiye hosts a lot of boats within its harbors. If you want to discover the beautiful, natural wonders of Fethiye with a boat rental option this summer, you are welcome to create a route that you would be thrilled to explore through Viravira Destinations.