4 Ideas to Have An Affordable Yacht Holiday
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6 Tips for an Affordable Yacht Vacation

On the sailing holiday you have been dreaming of all year long, you can finally set out to sea, enjoy dazzling turquoise waters, discover hidden coves and bays and leave behind the stresses of city life. Enjoy quality time with friends and family, and indulge in nature on a trip of a lifetime. In the blog post below, we will share six important tips for booking an affordable and enjoyable sailing holiday.

The earlier you book, the better the price!

The early bird gets the worm. The sailing holiday season in Turkey begins in April. At the beginning of the season, most of the boat owners and charter companies offer great discounts allowing family and friend groups who are thinking of going on a yacht vacation to book for very affordable prices. We recommend that you make your reservation in November-December to make the most of these early booking opportunities. As the summer season approaches, it will be very important to make your reservation during the early booking period, as the occupancy rate of the boats, as well as their prices, will increase steeply.

Why not consider alternate seasons?

From the beginning of April, the sailing holiday season in Turkey generally stretches until the middle of October. With the closing of the schools, the months of June, July and August are the most popular months for blue voyage holidays. However, you can also choose to set sail earlier or later in the spring and autumn months, and this way experience a calm holiday away from the crowds. As these months are the opening and closing seasons of sailing holidays, boat rental prices are also much more affordable.

Be the skipper of your boat!

If you have the necessary licenses such as an Amateur Maritime Certificate allowing you to be the captain of your boat, you may also choose the bareboat yacht charter option. In that case, you can save on additional skipper fees. You can take a look at boat rental alternatives without skipper and plan your sailing holiday within your budget.

Plan ahead of time and determine your route.

Determining your route and itinerary, that is where you will anchor and which destinations you visit before you head out on your journey, will ensure a stress-free and safe vacation and it will also be the best way to save on budget. You can determine the amount of fuel you will consume according to the route you choose and select marinas and facilities suitable for your budget. By doing preliminary research, you can find cozy seaside towns and bays that are affordable and away from the crowd and add these places to your route.

Consider preparing the food yourself.

Most blue cruise boats will already have equipment similar to the kitchens in our homes. You can prepare your meals according to your own standards by shopping for the necessary supplies from the city center before you travel. You can also use the shopping facilities in the bays where you will anchor in emergency situations. You can also go fishing for seafood, which is one of the indispensable flavors of blue voyages! Set up a fishing line during the day and have a nice feast with your loved ones in the evening.

Save fuel by sailing

Since sailboats travel by wind power, on a good day you can save a lot of fuel by taking advantage of the wind and opening the sails! This way you will be able to have a yacht vacation for a lower budget than with motor yachts and such.

If you are hoping to book a yacht vacation this year but have a tight budget, you can make use of these 6 tips to find affordable options for an enjoyable holiday!

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