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Sustainable Sailing

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Is sustainable sailing possible? Contrary to popular belief sustainable sailing is extremely applicable since more and more ecologically friendly items are utilized in the maritime industry.

In this blog post, you can find detailed information about maritime, sailing, and sustainable sailing under the concept of sustainability, which emerged with the changing world and the subsequent climate change.

What is Sustainable Sailing?

Understanding the “sustainability concept” is essential before defining sustainable sailing. At this point, sustainability can be briefly explained as the protection of biological life diversity in an ecological context. Sustainable sailing can be defined as an approach that maximizes the use of renewable energy sources, aims to minimize carbon emissions, and minimizes waste while sailing at sea. At this point, renewable energy sources are wind and solar, and one of the most environmentally friendly vehicles used is sailing.

What is Sustainable Sailing?

Is sustainable maritime possible?

Internalizing the answer to the question “What is sustainability?”, helps you a lot in terms of sustainability to realize all practices gradually.

It is possible to make progress in sustainable maritime by using the right and sufficient amount of provisions, minimizing the emission of inorganic wastes, and using natural energy sources. Achieving the proper resource consumption and use is essential now since sustainability has become a global imperative. It is possible to attain developments in the context of sustainable maritime by aiding in the protection of biological diversity within the context of sustainability and actions to be performed by employing natural energy resources.

Renewable energy sources for boats

In the ecological context, sustainability projects and renewable energy sources are very important within the scope of the protection of biological life. At this point, the use of sailboats stands out as one of the environmentally friendly options. The evolving globalization raises the issue of energy. Thus, renewable energy sources that can be used in boats are important. Solar energy and wind energy are among the most important energy sources for boats. Wind energy is one of the alternatives that can be used not only for navigation but also for electricity generation. Solar energy can also be used to power the boat’s electrical appliances. Thus, it becomes possible to minimize the use of fossil fuels and reduce the damage to the environment. However, the fact that natural energy resources are unlimited also brings many advantages.

Boat design

The use of boats and sails, which play a major role in sustainable maritime transport, has alternative solutions to many issues within the scope of nature conservation. It is possible to realize an environmentally friendly sailing vacation in line with regulations such as low energy consumption resulting from the use of natural energy sources in boat design, reducing fossil fuel consumption, and minimizing the damage to nature caused by the paints to be used on boats. Boats with light construction have the opportunity to travel with less power consumption. In this way, the use of fossil fuels can be reduced and environmental damage can be minimized. Finally, in addition to diesel or hybrid engines, the choice of electric engines is among the factors that benefit you and the environment.

Wind turbine

The wind turbine aims to provide boats and sails with an advantage in terms of fuel consumption by utilizing the natural energy source while sailing. It generates electricity by utilizing wind energy to power propellers that rotate the generator, Thus, it is among the solutions that reduce fuel consumption for you and minimize damage to the environment.

Solar panel

The use of solar panels is one of the options that brings many advantages within the scope of ecological sailing. Essentially, they assist in converting the sun’s rays into electricity via the panels on it and provide you with safe sailing. Natural energy supplies are limitless, which has several benefits for lowering the consumption of fossil fuels. For the solar panels to work, they must be completely solarised. Since it will not work if any part of it is in the shadow, it is important to install it considering this issue.

Solar panel

Hydro Generators

Hydrogen generators that generate electricity from propeller energy are another option that aids in environmental sustainability in boats and sailboats. Hydraulic energy is among the methods that have been used for a long time. While sailing, sailboats travel by using the wind; their propellers, which are in the water, also rotate. One of the alternatives that offers efficiency is to store and use the energy generated by this motion.

Waste management on board

One of the most important issues in sustainable sailing is waste management on board. Energy consumption and indirect damage to the environment can also be reduced with the measures to be taken. In this regard, using the following practical methods can yield practical solutions.

  • Using electricity only for necessary equipment.
  • Minimizing the use of technological tools.
  • Ensuring that waste is properly organized and stays away from the environment.
  • Using specific stations to empty the dirty water tank.
  • Minimizing plastic use.

Within the scope of sustainable sailing, it is possible to minimize the damage to nature by using natural energy resources, waste management within the boat, and correct navigation planning.  When necessary precautions are taken for sailing and an environmentally friendly approach is adopted, this approach contributes to the long-term protection of ecological diversity.

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