Fethiye Turkey


Fethiye has many natural beauties and so, it gathers visitors in the summertime and amazes both foreign and domestic tourists. Fethiye which is also known as “City of Lights” is a town of Muğla, and has many cute large and small bays, beaches, islands, a warm climate and green pine forests. You may discover these sheltered and virgin bays which can not be reached from the land during the blue voyage. In these bays you can enjoy the turquoise waters, rest in the shadows of green trees, and explore the land. In these calm waters, you can try different water sports as well.

On 1988, Fethiye had been declared as Specially Protected Environment Area and also was featured as Archeological Protected Area. You can have an unforgettable blue voyage experience in these well protected bays that await to come to light by Fethiye Boat charter.

Places which can be seen during Fethiye Blue Voyage Holiday

First place which needs to be seen is Ölüdeniz. By going around Ölüdeniz with a rented boat, you can enjoy the view, nature and the turquoise waters. Ölüdeniz is a very famous region around foreign and domestic tourists because of its clear and calm water, and is also famous by tandem paragliding. This region is one of the most suitable places in Europe for paragliding. Paragliding is done from the peaks of Babadağ, which is 7 km inland from the shore and rises behind Ölüdeniz. If you wish you may experience this exciting activity during your blue voyage. With the option of Fethiye boat chartering, you can visit many ancient cities. You can have a short trip in history, by visiting ancient cities like Tlos, Pınara, Xantos and Letoon.

You can visit world – famous Butterfly Valley. If your visit is in July or August you can encounter “Jersey Tiger” type butterflies.

Twelve Islands region which is known as “Inside of Darkness” by the fisherman consist of islands, the Kapıdağ Peninsula and has numerous bays. You can visit Twelve Islands which is a haunt for tour boats, during your Fethiye blue voyage holiday. Twelve Islands are made of; Yassıca Island, Bay of Hamam, Bay of Bedri Rahmi, Bay of Tersane, Bay of Göbün, Bay of Kurşunlu, Boynuzbükü, Domuz Island, Yavansu, Kızıl Island and Zeytin Island.

Fethiye Yacht Charter: Pick any boat from various options for different tastes

Option of renting a boat in Fethiye is a very suitable choice to discover this magnificent region. As motor yachts are faster than the other boat types, you can visit many bays in a short time, by Fethiye motor yacht charter. With the option of Fethiye gulet chartering, and a crew under your order, you will have a comfortable holiday. Yet you can spend more effort and have a lively and joyous with the option of Fethiye sailboat charter as well. You may have a comfy holiday with a wider space with the option of Fethiye catamaran chartering.

Prices for Fethiye Yacht Charter: You can have blue voyage with better prices than you think!

Fethiye boat charter prices need less budget than a 5 – star hotel holiday. For instance; you may organize a magnificent blue voyage for 6 people for 35 Euro per person. As well as the cost advantage, you get to be the architect of your own holiday far from the crowd. Your boat is under your command. You can swim in any bay that you want, have sunbath and enjoy your holiday as you wish.

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