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What is the Boat?

There are a myriad of different types of boats to suit different needs. Sea vehicles are typically made from carbon fiber, fiberglass, steel, aluminum, polyester and wood. The class boats that are used for sailing holidays and cruises include motor yachts, sailboats, catamarans and traditional gulets.

What are the Boat Types?

There are many types of boats according to the purpose of use; motor yachts, sailboats, catamarans and gulets are among the most preferred ones on sailing holidays because they are safe, luxurious and comfortable.

What is a Motor Yacht?

For vacationers that prefer high-speed, adrenaline and luxury, motor yachts are the way to go. Motor yachts are also a sensible choice for holidayers who have limited time as they are able to cruise from one destination with both speed and comfort. Providing luxury and convenience at once, motor yachts are suitable for all tastes, available at different lengths with varying cabin numbers and sizes and a wide range of equipment. Equipped with modern marine systems, motor yachts are generally rented along with an experienced and expert crew that make the holiday experience seamless and smooth.

What is a Sailboat?

Sailboats, which travel with the power of the wind driving the boat forward with the help of thick canvas sails attached to the wooden poles of the vehicle, are the ultimate option to enjoy a peaceful holiday where you will be truly at one with nature. On a sailboat, you may enjoy the sun, the sea and the surrounding nature without any disruptions accompanied only by the sound of the lapping waves and the gulls. For holidayers who prefer to spend time in nature and opt for paired back, simple and active vacations, this is the way to go. It is also possible to reach high speed on a sailboat, but expert knowledge is required regarding the boat’s technical details as well as the movements of the wind and the weather. A more authentic experience, this type of sailing holiday also necessitates more effort and experience.

What is a Gulet?

Gulets are the traditional wooden sailing boats that are used in Turkey for the classical yacht vacation experience. With two masts and wide chambers, these boats provide comfortable living space for holidayers. Gulets are rented along with the crew, captain and chef who ensure guests have the best possible sailing holiday.

What is a Catamaran?

Catamarans are multi-hulled watercrafts that feature two equal size parallel hulls. Catamarans can be faster, more stable and more spacious and also allow safer anchorage closer to shore. They boast wide living spaces and chambers indoors and are hence ideal for groups on holiday. 

What are the Boat Hull Types ?

The hull of the boats is divided into two as “floating on water” or “water splitting”. The boats that are expected to push the most water at optimum power are those with hulls that break through the water, and sailboats and gulets can be given as examples for this type of boats. The opposite of this situation is seen in boats floating on the water, and this type of boats accelerate by sliding on the water. In addition, this type of boats have high engine power and catamarans are good examples of this type. With their sensitive movements on the water, their maneuverability is very low. One of the advantages of catamaran boats is that they are more balanced as the waves stay between the two hulls of the boat.

What to Keep in Mind While Selecting a Boat?

  • As with every kind of vacation, it is first and foremost critical to set your budget and make selections accordingly. While choosing a type of boat to take your vacation on, you should consider what facilities are included and who will be responsible for extra costs such as taxes and port fees, especially if you will be sailing through foreign countries.
  • What kind of yacht do you prefer to rent? It is possible to go on a typical sailing holiday with sailboats, gulets, catamarans and also motor yachts. You can select a type in accordance with your budget, the number of people, the number of days you wish to sail for and other criteria (such as speed, comfort, facilities, equipment, style, etc.) It is notable that the traditional gulet is usually the most suitable boat for the classical sailing holiday in the Mediterranean and Aegean area.
  • Yachts can be rented with or without the crew, according to your preference. Renting with the crew is more expensive but is generally the preferred way to go as all needs are taken care of, and the holiday is guaranteed to be smooth and seamless. It is important to ask for information on the crew and staff in advance of the trip in order to be fully informed of what is provided. Keen sailors can of course rent yachts without a crew but should be experienced and knowledgeable on routes and how to run the vessel.
  • Another critical factor to pay attention to is the age and history of the vessel. Newer boats are generally more ideal as they are safer and less likely to present last minute problems.

What is a Boat Vacation?

Boat vacation is an activity that involves taking a vacation on a boat or yacht. This holiday can range from a hourly or one-day trip to a long trip and is also known as a blue cruise. This type of vacation is ideal for those who love to explore the beauty of the sea.