Bodrum – Göcek – Bodrum

Bodrum - Göcek - Bodrum
Bodrum – Göcek – Bodrum

Knidos – Palamütbükü

Knidos which is located on the westest point of Datça Peninsula is a very protected point, and is a very important ancient city which was haunt to many civilizations and mariners as it was located on the trade route. You can discover this area by small walks which has many historical richness. Afterwards you take off to Palamütbükü, which has clean clear water, deep green nature, and very clean weather. You can swim as much as you want in its clear sea. Then you move to Kargı Bay.

Dalyan – Ekincik

A wonderful beach stretching for kilometers, a great delta and ancient city… You can visit the ancient city in Dalyan, walk on the beach, have mud baths and enjoy the marvellous sea. Dalyan is one of the most important centers of ovulation of caretta carettas. Your next stop is Ekincik, which is one of the bays that should absolutely be stopped at with its natural and sheltered structure. If you wish you may explore this bay with short walks or may swim in clear waters. Then you move towards Göcek.

Göcek Bays – Göcek

You will stop by at the Red Island, Delikli Islands, the Olive Island and the Pig’s Island, which are lined up in the west and northwest direction of the Gulf of Fethiye. Then you may visit the Kleopatra Hammam, Bedri Rahmi Bay, Göbün Bay and the Knight Island, the last stop on the island of Fethiye. Then you move towards Yassica.

Yassıca – Hamam Bay

In Yassica, you will see the Byzantine monastery remains right next to the sculpture some of which have been flooded. You can go along the coast and enjoy a pleasant walk in the forest or swim in the magnificent sea of Yassica. Your next stop is the Hammam Bay, where blue voyages and day trips’ stop. You can have a small swim in this bay. Then you will move towards Tershane Bay.

Tershane Bay – Ağa Harbor

It is known to have gotten this name because of the ruins of old historic shipyards at the east of the bay. In some parts of the bay you can see olive trees. Since the locals leave their goats here, you will also hear plenty of goat sounds. The water is deep and green. There are convenient ways to walk in the bay; you can take short walks here. The next stop is Ağa Port. Here you will give a swimming break and then you will move towards Kadırga.

Kadırga – Serçe Harbor – Bozburun

Kadırga Bay, a very sheltered area against the wind, is almost in the middle of the open sea. With its immaculate sea and lush nature, you can swim here with pleasure. Then you move towards Serce Port. This bay is rather mute because of the high rocks that surround it. Then you move towards Bozburun. Famous for its fish restaurants and its own gulets, Bozburun is definitely one of the places to be seen.

Selimiye Bay – Orhaniye

Orhaniye Bay, also known as Keçibükü, is located inside the Gulf of Hisarönü Bay. This bay is sheltered against the wind because it is surrounded by mountains. For this reason, you can do all the water sports you want here. At the point where the bay ends on the southeast direction, a small creek is poured into the sea, by bringing sand and earth from the mountains above. Thus, a reddish sand path was formed, starting from the shore towards the sea. Once you anchor, you can have diner in Selimiye, the center of fish restaurants. Then, you move towards Bencik Bay.

Bencik – Çiftlik

You can swim in Bencik Bay, which is surrounded by pine trees. Çiflik Bay is famous for its sandy beach which is covered with coarse-grained sand that is very rare in Marmaris and around. The bay is always clear and clear. Then you move towards İnce Burun.

İnce Burun

İnce Burun which is frequently visited by the daily tour boats, is an ideal place for those who want to cool off in the middle of the summer heat. The sea is deep due to the open sea. After you anchor, you will move to Knidos.

Knidos – Bodrum

You visit Knidos, a very advanced city in science, architecture and art in the ancient times. By taking a short walk you can see the historical remains of the surrounding area. Then, you will anchor to Bodrum to end your trip.